About the Department

The department of pathology at GIMSR is well equipped and well recognized in the field of pathology providing various diagnostic and laboratory services round the clock by a team of qualified and dedicated faculty.

Services offered:


  • Laboratory services for surgical pathology include diagnosis of small and large biopsy specimens, cell blocks and foetal autopsies.
  • The Department is equipped with fully automated tissue processer and paraffin embedder.
  • Cryostat facilities are also available


  • The Department provides cytopathological diagnostic services for routine FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology) procedures and radiologically guided FNAC procedures
  • Diagnostic services also include gynaecological (PAP smears) and non gynaecological (fluid cytology, imprint and brush cytology etc) exfloiative cytology.


  • The state of art hematology laboratory provides routine hematology testing including complete blood counts, blood differential, smear morphology, ESR, AEC, blood grouping and typing, directed blood screening for parasites.
  • The Department also provides work up for hemolytic disorders which includes reticulocyte counts, sickling tests.
  • Routine coagulation tests like PT and APTT.
  • Services also include bone marrow studies ( aspiration and biopsy).

Clinical pathology:

  • Clinical pathology services include
    • Semen analysis
    • Rapid pregnancy screening
    • Automated urine analysis
    • Stool analysis for occult blood
    • Cell counts and WBC differentials on CNS, pleural and ascitic fluid.


  • We find an immense pleasure in nurturing young graduates by creating an opportunity for independent learning, active learning and recapitulation of information and applying basic sciences in clinical context.
  • The department boasts of a museum with a collection of more than 400 interesting specimens, well equipped student laboratories including 55 binocular and 60 monocular microscopes, individual work stations and adjoining demo rooms with audio visual aids.
  • The department library has a proud collection of more than 200 books and journals of academic excellence like WHO and various international authors.
  • Students are encouraged through academic endeavours by providing a well equipped research lab
  • The department boasts of olympus DECAHEAD microscope with inbuilt camera attached to a projector for case discussions.

Blood bank:

  • GIMSR blood bank provides whole blood and blood components for transfusion services.
  • Blood bank is equipped with advanced freezing centrifuge, deep freeze storage for cryoprecipitate and fresh frozen plasma and platelet agitator and automated gel technology for cross matching.


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