Mentor Development Programme

Mentor Development Programme

Designated faculty undergoes this programme, conducted by TalentMetrix Human Capital Management Solutions, to be accredited as professional faculty mentors and guide students.

A total of 925 faculty from GITAM have completed the training and are certified as Mentors

Student Assessments

Every GITAM student is provided an opportunity to undergo a Personality profiling provided by TalentMetrix Agile Series II. The student also can opt for a higher level of assessment, which can map their career suitability

Upon completion of the assessments, the students receive an assessment report that provides insights into the students' intellectual inclinations. Based on these reports, the students can further opt to receive personalised counselling from certified mentors.

Mentoring Applications

The faculty mentors use a mentoring app designed by to stay connected with their mentees. The mentoring app ensures the smooth scheduling of appointments between both parties, recording key takeaways discussed during the meetings, giving feedback, and creating resumes. This enables a clear tracking of the mentoring process, giving GCGC the indication to implement corrective measures as and when required. The mentoring app is amended regularly by conducting a simulation with faculty and students and soliciting user feedback and suggestions.

Adhva portal on the Asraya platform provides the details of the mentees to the Mentors, which include the contact details, personal details, academic details, attendance, and co-curricular & extra-curricular activities. Adhva portal records the mentee-mentor discussions and acts as an online  Counselling Diary.

Target Audience

Faculty Designated to be Mentors

The programme entails the following :

  1. An assessment of the designated faculty using the DISC personality assessment.
  2. A 20-hour classroom session with a batch of 25 faculty covering the understanding of personality types and a practical approach to Core Mentoring.
  3. Accreditation of the faculty as “Certified Behaviour & Mentoring Analyst (CBMA)” after clearing module requirements like case analysis, mock debrief and online assessment test.

Orientation to Faculty Mentors

Regular orientation sessions are conducted by GCGC to include the faculty mentors, academic leaders, and newly admitted students where the faculty are briefed about the vision, mission, and structure of GCGC and their role as Mentors in guiding the students to achieve their career aspirations and develop as a holistic personality. This also includes an orientation of the uniformity in the mentoring system across the University, the support systems available for the mentors to ensure smooth sailing of the mentoring process, and contemporary career opportunities that students are interested in.

The new mentoring system came into effect in May 2021 and has been implemented for the students in AY 2020-21.