About CBD

The Centre for Biomedical Devices focuses on research and fabrication, medical licensing and production of medical devices. CBD covers the entire spectrum from conceptualization to technology transfer, including proof of concept, design, and computer-aided modelling, in-silico evaluation, fabrication, prototyping and functional evaluation.

There are six divisions in the CBD, of which four are involved in medical devices development; the other two support device development activities which cover the precision, fabrication of prototypes and animal models for precise and safe pre-clinical evaluation


Primary Divisions of CBD

Division of Artificial Organs and Associated Technology

The need for Innovative boldness in ideation and proof of concept is what drives this division. Its core strengths are design, prototyping, in vitro evaluation, process development and technology documentation. Expertise will be available in the areas of design and drawing, polishing of medical device components and automated instrumentation development for devices. A Modeling & Prototyping Laboratory and Devices Testing laboratory are part of this division. Division of Genomics and auto engineering of tissues will also be a part of this division

Division of Extra or Paracorporeal Devices

This division will design and develop medical devices for clinical use, transfer the technology of the device to industry for commercial production applications and work in unison with industrial partners for setting up the manufacturing facilities. Currently, the Division is developing left ventricular assist devices, total artificial heart, ECMO, Donor Organ Support Devices, Artificial Pacemakers, Implantable Pulse Generators, and Dialyzers.
Other projects include energy-based technologies for advanced treatment like atmospheric pressure plasma therapy devices. The division also is developing transcutaneous energy transfer systems (TETS) and BSRM motors as part of ongoing programs. This division provides support to rapid prototyping to any of the ongoing product development programmes of the GIMSR or GITAM (Deemed to be University)

Division of In Vivo Models and Testing

This division houses the CPCSEA registered large animals and breeds large experimental animals. It also has the facility to provide round the clock veterinary care for experimental animals and has experience in animal evaluation of devices such as heart valves, vascular grafts, blood oxygenators, coronary stents, ureteric stents, CVP catheters, PDA closure devices, bone substitutes, dental materials, biological materials, transcutaneous valves, etc.
This division also develops animal models for various pathological states for the study and evaluation of newer methods of treatment.

Other Centres Of Excellence


Centre for Autonomous Systems (CAS)

The CAS focuses on research that will help in designing and developing autonomous systems such as robotics, autonomous underwater, ground and aerial vehicles and more.