About Anatomy

Anatomy deals with the structural organization of human body. Anatomy forms the basis for the practice of medicine. Students need core knowledge of human anatomy as they venture into the clinical domain. The department of anatomy is committed to provide quality education for students by its fully-equipped facilities .Cadaveric dissections & specimens, histology slides and embryology models together with integrated teaching provide the ideal environment to learn anatomy at GIMSR.

About the Department:

The Department of Anatomy at GITAM Institute Of Medical Sciences and Research (GIMSR),GITAM University is located in the minus one floor of the college block. It comprises of well trained and experienced post-graduate faculty members. The teaching faculty is known for student-friendly methods of teaching.

  • Labs:

    The Department consists of dissection hall that is well lighted, equipped with multimedia. It is provided with 20 cadaver dissection tables, charts, X-Ray view box and skeletons for student’s education.. The Department has spacious, well furnished ventilated histology laboratory equipped with monocular, binocular microscopes and a trinocular microscope attached to a television and screen for demonstration of histological slides.

  • Museum:

    Museum constitutes of 260 mounted specimens of various regions, 100 models and Charts of gross anatomy, embryology and neuroanatomy. All the specimens and models are procured and prepared within the department. It has articulated skeletons and dis-articulated bone sets .It also contains normal and contrast X-ray’s, CT and MRI films for student learning.

  • Research laboratory is also available in the department comprising of rotary microtome, sledge microtome, incubator, hot plate, water bath, slide drying plate and dissecting microscope.
  • Departmental library have latest anatomy books and journals
  • It is also provided with a mortuary cooler for storage of cadavers. Embalming room equipped with manual and electronic embalming machine and embalming table, band saw and bone meat cutting machine to take sections.
  • The Department has two demonstration rooms with audio-visual aids and internet facility.
  • Teaching activities:

    It has a balanced approach of teaching combined with didactic lectures, small group discussions, demonstration of bones and models. Students are involved actively in cadaveric dissections and slide discussions. Application of anatomy is achieved through problem based learning by exposing them to clinical case scenarios and integrated teaching. Students are encouraged to participate actively in seminars and group discussions and are involved in blended learning approach.


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