College - Council

College Council Committee

The College Council Committee at GIMSR serves as the college's primary decision-making and governing body. Comprising of faculty and student representatives, the committee oversees academic policies, financial matters, and administrative issues. It ensures that the college operates efficiently, maintains high education standards, and fosters a supportive environment for students and staff.


Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee at GIMSR is responsible for ensuring ethical practices in healthcare. Comprised of faculty and outside experts, the committee reviews and approves research projects involving human subjects, monitors patient care, and provides guidance on ethical issues in medical practice. It promotes respect for patients' rights, informed consent, and confidentiality while upholding healthcare's highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

Pharmaco vigilance

Pharmaco Vigilance Committee

The Pharmaco Vigilance Committee at GIMSR monitors the safety and efficacy of drugs used in patient care. It identifies and reports adverse drug reactions, evaluates drug usage patterns, and recommends appropriate interventions to improve patient safety. The committee collaborates with other healthcare providers to ensure the safe and effective use of medications while promoting public health.


Gender Discrimination Committee

The Gender Discrimination Committee at GIMSR is responsible for addressing gender-based discrimination issues. It promotes gender equality and respect for diversity, provides support and guidance to those affected by discrimination, and investigates and resolves complaints of gender-based harassment or bias. The committee strives to create a safe, inclusive environment that fosters mutual respect, dignity, and fairness.

Medical Education Unit Committee

The Medical Education Unit (MEU) at GIMSR is responsible for enhancing the quality of medical education provided to students. The MEU focuses on improving teaching and learning methodologies, evaluating the effectiveness of the curriculum, providing faculty development programs, and promoting research in medical education. It works to ensure that students receive a comprehensive and relevant education that prepares them for successful careers in healthcare.

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee at GIMSR is responsible for organising cultural events and activities that celebrate the diversity of the college community. It promotes cultural awareness and understanding, provides opportunities for students to showcase their talents, and creates a welcoming and inclusive environment. The committee collaborates with other organisations to organise festivals, performances, and other cultural events that enrich the college experience and foster social connections.

Library Committee

The Library Committee at GIMSR is responsible for managing and organising library resources to support the academic and research needs of students and faculty. It ensures the library has a wide range of print and digital resources, including books, journals, and databases, accessible to all students and staff. The committee also provides training and support to students and faculty on accessing and using library resources effectively. It works to create a comfortable and conducive learning environment in the library that encourages learning and scholarship.

Student Disciplinary Committee

The Student Disciplinary Committee at GIMSR maintains student discipline and promotes a safe and orderly campus environment. It enforces the college's code of conduct and investigates misconduct complaints, including academic dishonesty, harassment, and disruptive behaviour. The committee ensures that due process is followed in disciplinary proceedings and imposes appropriate sanctions on students who violate the college's rules and regulations. It also provides support and counselling services to students who need assistance dealing with disciplinary issues.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee at GIMSR is responsible for promoting physical activity, fitness, and sportsmanship among students and faculty. It organises and oversees sports activities and events, including intramural and intercollegiate competitions, and provides opportunities for students to participate in various sports and recreational activities. The committee encourages teamwork, leadership, and healthy competition, fostering community and camaraderie among participants. It also collaborates with other organisations to promote sports and physical activity as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

Anti-Ragging Committee

The Anti-Ragging Committee at GIMSR is responsible for preventing ragging and harassment among students. It ensures that all students are aware of the college's policy on ragging and the consequences of violating it. The committee monitors the campus for any instances of ragging or harassment, investigates complaints of such behaviour, and takes appropriate action against the perpetrators. It also provides support and counselling services to victims of ragging or harassment and promotes a safe and respectful campus environment conducive to learning and personal growth.