Prof. Raja P Pappu

Director – Research & Development

Grants and Funding Advertisements, Follow-ups with Funding and Statutory bodies, Workshops
Mr. Ganapathi Rao Volety

Deputy Director – Grants & Funding

Research Projects, Endorsement Certificates, New proposals, Research Seed Grants, Pre-award and Post-award queries, Infrastructure
Dr. P Shanmukha Anand

Deputy Director – Research Projects

Mr. P V V S N Murthy

+91 99853 69671

Consultancy & Collaborations, Technology Enabling Centre, IPR Management
Mr. Som Bhatt

Deputy Director – Consultancy

+91 63022 57547

Dr. Chandra Mouli Karaka

: +91 90003 06391

PhD Programme, Scholar Monitoring and Progression:
Mr. Vishnu Ganni


Dr. K. Lubza Nihar

Deputy Director - PhD Programmes

Accounts, Utilization Certificates, Statement of Expenditure, Purchase Order
Mr. M Venkateshwara Rao

+91 94415 15171