Research And Innovation Continuum

Research Enterprise at GITAM

The Research & Innovation (R & I) Function has been set up to organise and focus all research and innovation activities across GITAM (Deemed to be University) into a cohesive and effective structure. The Purpose of the proposed R & I Organisation is to "create a transformative, world-leading educational and research environment that will equip and empower individuals and groups to develop innovative solutions for improving the lives of people in the communities we live in.

Expanding Knowledge

The Research & Innovation function will encompass all research activities that contribute to gaining new knowledge and insights in the selected domains.

Encouraging Entreprenurship

The work, efforts and activities carried out under the R&I function will contribute to developing and fostering applications that can be incubated for successful commercialisation.

Research And Innovation Continuum

Research And Innovation Continuum

“The Research and Innovation Continuum is focused on seamlessly carrying out research activities by establishing a vibrant continuum that manages organisation, guidelines, policies, implementation framework etc., The operations of the Continuum are underpinned by a set of robust non-negotiable principles that helps set clear and comprehensive goals to take the research facilities and activities at GITAM ahead by bounds. “