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Community Medicine: Other name is Preventive and Social Medicine.

Mission of the department: To impart Community oriented medical education and research aspects to medical students along with preventive, promotive and curative services to the community with the special focus on underserved and needy.

The department endeavors to give best learning opportunities to learn principles of epidemiology, prevention and control strategies for diseases of public health importance. Student doctor learn how to plan a model to reduce morbidity or mortality of disease in a specified population by applying principles of health planning and health care economics. Urban health centre (Peda Jalaripeta), Rural health centre (Modavalasa) are peripheral health centres where the students are exposed to the implementation of various National health programs at primary health care level. Family health visits, environmental health survey, Nutritional assessment with special focus on antenatal, postnatal women, Under-five children are few activities where students are involved. By attending the various activities at field practice area of health centres, students will acquaint with the delivery of the primary health care services to the surrounding community.

The students visit various public health service delivery points as a part of field visits to get a comprehensive idea about community health problems, various determinants of health, social milieu and organizational structures of Indian Health Delivery Systems.

The department has been implementing hands-on –training sessions for students to learn research methodology and bio-statistics in 4th semester. The department has been actively involved in District COVID monitoring committee during pandemic time.

The Community Medicine deals with various concepts which are crucial to transform MBBS student into an Indian Medical Graduate of first contact primary care physician who plays a key role as a leader and team member of health care team.


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