Explore Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the largest city in Telegana, and is situated on the banks of the Musi river. The city of pearls offers students much to do and explore as they pursue their studies, and will leave an indelible impression on you, long after you have left. Apply to GITAM Hyderabad.


Hyderabad's rich heritage, a confluence of Northern and Southern influences, is evident in every aspect of life. The city's culture is experienced through its many monuments and landmarks, cuisine, music and art, festivals and literature.

Food & Drink

Hyderabadi cuisine features a vast repertoire of rice, wheat and meat dishes, with a distinct and flavourful blend of spices. The food bears Arabic, Turkish, Mughal, Telugu and Marthwada influences, with different dishes for banquets, weddings, festivals and travel.

Things to see and do at Hyderabad

The bustling city is a confluence of several cultures and traditions. From arts, literature and music to mouth-watering food, to historical monuments and natural retreats, there's something for everyone.

Take a heritage walk through the city

Simply walking through the lanes of the city of Nizams offers a glimpse of the rich history of the city and its leap into the future.

Visit Hyderabad's many palaces and forts

The city is home to many forts and palaces, each bearing testament to a specific part of its history: the Charminar, the Golconda Fort, the Chowmahalla Palace, Purani Haveli and more.

Explore The Cuisine

Hyderabadi biryani, Irani chai, street food and chaat, Andhra food, Indo-Chinese cuisine, Gujarati and Rajasthani dishes - the city offers some exceptional culinary experiences.

Reconnect With Nature

The parks and reserves around the city offer the chance to get away from the daily grind and visit with the wildlife. For the more adventurous, the city offers trekking, paragliding, bouldering, go-karting and more.

Strengthen Your Faith

Hyderabad is home to a number of beautiful temples, mosques and churches that stand side by side.

Go Shopping

Hyderabad's colorful bazaars offer everything from clothes to bangles to perfumes, to real Basra and cultured pearls and are a not-to-be-missed experience.


Campus Location

GITAM (Deemed to be University), Rudraram, Telangana 502329