Research at GITAM

About Research at GITAM

GITAM is commited to education and knowledge opportunities that will empower students to transform the world we live in through meaningful contribution. In that regard, research has always been of importance at our institutions. We have and continue to contribute to research and new knowledge across fields through publications, doctoral degree awards, projects, grants and more. Through our activities we aim to facilitate research excellence that is on par with global standards and innovation that drives the chosen field forward.





The Directorate of Research and Consultancy aims to create a transformative, world-leading educational and research environment that will equip and empower individuals and groups to develop innovative solutions to improve people's lives in our communities.





  • Design the research policy framework
  • Build sustainable research and innovation ecosystem in the University
  • Support faculty, students, and research fellows to achieve excellence in research
  • Enhance current research strengths and develop new areas of research
  • Promote impactful interdisciplinary research that is useful for society and the nation
  • Encourage to publish high-quality research in journals of repute
  • Establish research partnerships with Government, Industry, and other Universities

Research Areas


From Science to Business and even Gandhian Studies, our research programmes have touched a wide array of domains. We pride ourselves in the deep and broad scope of our research facilities and projects across fields.

Excellence In Research-GITAM

Excellence In Research

The Research & Innovation function at GITAM has been set up with the purpose of creating a transformative, world-leading Research & Innovation experience at GITAM (Deemed to be University) that will equip and empower individuals & groups to create innovative solutions to change the lives of people in the communities in which we live. The R&I wing organises and focuses the research and innovation activities across GITAM (Deemed to be University) into a cohesive and effective structure.

Research Culture

Research Culture

Our quest for Excellence in R&I is driven by the desire to embrace world-class technology and global best practices in research and innovation. We aim to develop the Continuum as a path to create compelling innovations and solutions that significantly improve the lives of members of the communities in which we operate.

Research Integrity-GITAM

Research Integrity

Integrity in all that we do is central to our way of working. Our research is and always will be original and path-breaking. We aim to keep pushing the boundaries in the areas of our work. Our innovations are designed to do good in society, and hence will not be exploitative, unethical or immoral.