Research at GITAM

Unlocking Innovation and Excellence through Research at GITAM

GITAM is dedicated to cultivating an exceptional research ecosystem while humbly aspires to be recognized as a world-class research University. GITAM’s vision is to lay the groundwork for research, innovation, and meaningful impact across all disciplines. Our unwavering dedication to research has been at the core of our institutional ethos, propelling us to explore uncharted territories, unearth novel discoveries, and make a lasting impact across diverse fields.

Our Research Journey


Through rigorous endeavours spanning publications, doctoral degree awards, pioneering projects, and securing extramural grants, GITAM has consistently enriched the global body of knowledge. We relentlessly pursue research excellence, aligning ourselves with the highest international standards and driving innovation that propels each field forward.

Excellence In Research-GITAM

Diverse Research Domains

From the realms of Science to Business and even the profound study of Gandhian principles, our research spans a broad spectrum of domains. Our pride lies in the depth and breadth of our research facilities and projects that traverse various fields.

Pursuit of Research Excellence

Research Culture

Our relentless pursuit of excellence in Research and innovation is fuelled by our commitment to adopting world-class technology and embracing global best practices. Our aim is to establish a continuum of innovation that fosters remarkable solutions, substantially improving the lives of our community members.

Research Integrity-GITAM

Research Integrity

Integrity serves as the cornerstone of our research ethos. Our research is, and always will be, original. We continuously push the boundaries within our areas of work, striving to redefine the frontiers of knowledge. Our innovations are designed to serve the greater good of society.

Join us in this transformative journey of research and discovery at GITAM. Together, we can redefine the future.

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