Rahul  Hiraman Jondhale

Rahul Hiraman Jondhale

Assistant Professor

Ph. D.
GITAM School of Technology - Visakhapatnam
He is an Assistant Professor of English, GITAM, Hyderabad campus. He holds a doctorate and an M. Phil in English (Cultural Studies) from The English and Foreign Languages University (EFL-U), Hyderabad. He was awarded an internship research fellowship from Centre for the study of Developing Societies (CSDS, New Delhi) in 2015 for his doctoral research. He has been a life member of 'Writing, Analyzing, and Translating Dalit Literature' network which operates from Nottingham Trent University, UK and has been invited to present during their symposium. He has also been associated with the academic engagements of the 'World Council of Churches' (WCC), Geneva, Switzerland and has been invited as resource person couple of times. Recently, he has joined as an editorial board member of 'New Literaria' (An International peer reviewed journal)

Understanding the Politics of Caste and Religious Conversion in Contemporary IndiaDiotimas A journal of New Readings , Others, -2015, Vol. 6, 76-87

Title of the book Book / Chapter Name of the publisher Subject area Edition Page numbers ISBN Published year
Negotiating Margins African American and Dalit Writings Chapters Prestige Books, New Delhi Marginal writings 2014 232-250 9789382186458 2014
Voices from Marginality in Literatures in English. Chapters Harnai Prakashan, Gandhi Nagar, Nanded, Maharashtra. Literatures in English 2011 290-297 9788190981224 2011
Seminar name Organized by Venue Start date End date Title of the paper presented Role Co presenter
National GSHS, GITAM, Hyderabad GITAM, Hyderabad 24-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019 NA Participated NA
National Dept. of Translation Studies EFL University, Hyderabad 24-Mar-2014 26-Mar-2014 NA Participated
National Dept. of Cultural Studies EFL University, Hyderabad 19-Feb-2014 21-Feb-2014 NA Participated NA
National NSB College, Nanded NSB College, Nanded, Maharashtra 11-Jan-2011 12-Jan-2011 Literature From Margins A Historical and Critical Overview of Marathi Dalit Literature Participated
Seminar name Organized by Venue Start date End date Title of the paper presented Role Co presenter
International UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM AND UNIVERSITY OF MONTPELIER UNIVERSITY OF MONTPELIER PARIS, FRANCE, 17-Oct-2014 18-Oct-2014 The Representation of Dalit Conversion to Buddhism in Marathi Dalit Literature A Critical Reading. Participated NA
International OUCIP, Hyderabad OUCIP, Hyderabad 17-Dec-2012 19-Dec-2012 Modern Marathi Dalit Writings An overview Participated
International Dept. of Cultural Studies EFL University, Hyderabad 21-Oct-2011 22-Oct-2011 NA Participated NA
Name of the award Awarded by Awarded year
Internship Fellowship CSDS AND ICSSR New Delhi 2015
Maharashtra State Certificate in Information and Technology Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education Mumbai 2005
Title Type Organized by Venue Start date End date Role
Faculty Induction Program Training of tutors Central University of Punjab, MHRD Sponsored Central University of Punjab 04-Jun-2019 03-Jul-2019 Participated
Understanding Social Exclusion Concepts and Context Training of tutors Dept. of Social Exclusion, EFL University, Hyderabad EFL University, Hyderabad 29-Oct-2010 29-Oct-2010 Participated
Research Methodology in Arts and Social Sciences Quality improvement program OUCIP AND ICSSR, Hyderabad Osmania University, Hyderabad 17-Mar-2010 18-Mar-2010 Participated
Title Type Organized by Venue Start date End date Role