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GITAM School of Humanities & Social Sciences (GSHSS) was founded with the aim of becoming a global leader in liberal arts education, and to offer students a grounded, value-based education. It strives to inculcate respect for interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity in education and in the wider spheres of life among students. It hopes to nurture ideas of equity, equality and democracy and train students to think globally and act locally.





GITAM will be an exceptional knowledge-driven institution advancing on a culture of honesty and compassion to make a difference to the world.






  • To impart education with socio-cultural values
  • To nurture the ideas of equity, equality and democracy
  • To inculcate the notions of human and economic development with a focus on sustainability and health
  • To develop the concepts of peaceful co-existence among diverse peoples and species
  • To inculcate respect for interdisciplinarity and trans-disciplinarity in education and at work
  • To develop the ethic of thinking globally and acting locally

Our Departments

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Applied Psychology
English and Other Languages
fine and Performing Arts
Fine and Performing Arts
Media Studies and Visual Communication
Political Science

Our Programmes

The school offers Undergraduate Programs, Post Graduate Programs and Doctoral Programs in a variety of disciplines. The rigorous entrance examinations to each of these programs ensure that the crème de la crème of aspiring social scientists form a part of GSHSS.

The school boasts of introducing a time-flexible and tiered Undergraduate Program in Liberal Education, which has been designed in accordance with the precepts of the New Education Policy, 2020. It includes a 1-Year Diploma Course, a 2-Year Certificate Course, a 3-year Degree Course, a 4-year Honors Course and a 4-year Research Honors Course. It also offers 11 Minor Courses alongside the aforementioned 6 Majors.

The incoming students pursue university and institute-core courses in their first semester, and select major and minor courses from a plethora of offerings from the School of Business Studies, the School of Science, and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. As the minor courses are pursued throughout their stay in GITAM, our students revel in the unique opportunity of a truly interdisciplinary programme of study.


Built on a lasting foundation of Gandhian values and principles, GSHSS inculcates in its students a deep appreciation of humanism alongside a rigorous training in the humanities. On-campus fests and festivities run parallel with programmes to raise awareness about the legal, social, psychological and medical challenges of the contemporary world. Our students are encouraged to participate in local and national social interventions on behalf of the underprivileged, and in civic campaigns to combat apathy. They offer their services to teaching programmes, to afforestation drives, beach cleanups and animal rescues.

The school stands apart for its activity and project-based curricula that provides aspiring social scientists their first peek into real-world social phenomena, societal issues and acquaints them with the discursive complexities underlying their everyday existence. Final year students in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are encouraged to embark on their research journey under the aegis of highly-qualified faculty, and complete dissertations and research papers. They are also facilitated in gaining industry experience and encouraged to analyse the same. This enables students to make informed choices about their further studies.

Rooted in Gandhian principles, GSHSS is home to people from all around the globe cutting across lines of ethnicity, class and religion. Every year the school welcomes students, staff and faculty from various Asian and African nations as well as every corner of India, and prides itself on welding them into an united front regardless of their caste, class, creed or gender.

The interdisciplinarity of GSHSS’ curricula allows our students to explore a wide field of career options outside their particular domains, as well as readying them for the complexities of contemporary academia. Alumni of the Department have found themselves in IITS, IIMs, Central Universities and prestigious foreign institutions like the London School of Economics.

GSHSS has a faculty strength in excess of 150, strung across our picturesque campuses in Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The strength of the School lies in the erudition of the faculty. All members of the teaching staff have doctorates and flourishing research careers in their respective areas of specializations. The faculty’s variety of specializations enables them to offer a diverse slate of courses.




Meetings and Workshops


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BVR Tata

KRC Auditorium|VSP

National Integrated Typhodont Workshop

Meetings and Workshops

0169 | Som Sudheer Boddeti

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Department of Orthodontics GITAM Dental College and hospital

Mother Teresa Auditorium|VSP

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