Mohd Arshad Ansari

Assistant Professor, Economics, GSHS, HYD | | | |

Mohd Arshad Ansari is from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Hyderabad. He was a UGC MANF Fellow. His research interests lie in Environmental and Energy economics, International Trade, Tourism, and climate change. He has published 27 papers in reputed national and international journals.

Research Publications
  • Ansari, M. A., Haider, S., & Khan, N. A. (2020). Environmental Kuznets curve revisited: an analysis using ecological and material footprint. Ecological Indicators, 115, 106416.
  • Ansari, M. A. (2022). Re-visiting the Environmental Kuznets curve for ASEAN: A comparison between ecological footprint and carbon dioxide emissions. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 168, 112867.
  • Ansari, M. A., & Villanthenkodath, M. A. (2022). Does tourism development promote ecological footprint? A nonlinear ARDL approach. Anatolia, 33(4), 614-626.
  • Ansari, M. A., & Villanthenkodath, M. A. (2023). Tourism development and material footprint: a disaggregate analysis of top ten tourist destination countries. Current Issues in Tourism, 1-15.
  • Ansari, M. A., Kumar, P., & Villanthenkodath, M. A. (2023). Impact of renewable and non-renewable electricity generation on economic growth in India: an application of linear and nonlinear models. Journal of Regulatory Economics, 63(3), 138-158.
  • Environmental economics
  • Energy economics
  • Tourism development
  • Climate change
  • Economic growth
Mohd Arshad Ansari