Research Office-GITAM

Research Office

Research Office at GITAM is making all-around efforts in promoting research activities in the University, by motivating the faculty in various disciplines providing them necessary guidance, required directions and creating a conducive environment for undertaking productive research in GITAM.

Maintaining Records

The Research Office maintains records of the inflow of funds, their proper utilization, upkeep of the documents, submission of utilization certificates to the funding agencies and more.

Providing Support

The Research office also provides necessary support to the faculty to publish papers in high-quality journals of international repute.

Grants & Funding Support

Grants & Funding Support

The Research Office, in addition to maintaining and organising records also provides support on the Grants & Funding front for the faculty. It does the due diligence of the research proposals submitted by the faculty and provide to various funding agencies and actively pursues the sanction and release of necessary grants for the implementation of the research schemes.

IPR & Patents Support

IPR & Patents Support

The Research office at GITAM manages the Intellectual Property Rights and Management (IPR&M) Cell at GITAM. The cell considers it imminent to protect the Intellectual property that emerges from within its fold in order to enable its constituents and individual members to earn recognition or socio-economic benefits. The IPR&M Cell provides guidance, support and resources to all GITAM personnel and facilitates protection and deployment of intellectual property.



Our primary objective here is to encourage the teaching staff to take interest and initiative in undertaking consultancy assignments and management development programmes which shall be beneficial both to the faculty and the University. Such consultancy activities shall improve interaction between the industry and the University in general and the academic departments in particular.

To promote best practices and to reap the most benefits from it, we have a comprehensive consultancy policy. You can download it below.