About Our Centres Of Excellence

About Our Centres Of Excellence

The Centres of Excellence at GITAM are organisational units established to focus the expertise and resources within a discipline to attain and sustain world-class performance and value. GITAM’s Research & Innovation function houses 10 Centres of Excellence (CoEs).

Excellence in resources

Each Centre of Excellence at GITAM provides focused leadership, best practices, scope ofr research & development and training. While it brings together people from different disciplines, the shared facilities and resources will be focused on the chosen area.

Excellence in impact

As an organisational Unit, a CoE is created around a broad and compelling Research & Innovation Theme. At GITAM, we are committed to developing CoEs in thematic areas that have the potential to deliver great societal benefit and disrupt R & I in the chosen area. Thus, the focused outcomes and outputs should aim to solve pressing societal problems.

Centres of Excellence at GITAM