Ponnada Tejeswara Rao

Assistant Professor, Physics, GSS, VSP

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Dr. P. Tejeswararao, an Assistant Professor at GITAM University's Department of Physics for 16 years, earned his Ph.D. in Material Science from Andhra University in 2013. With two decades of teaching experience, he is highly skilled in experimental design and simulation graph creation. His expertise spans glasses, ceramics, and ferroelectric materials, with notable contributions to semiconducting and lead-free radiation shielding glasses. He has authored 14 research papers and is a reviewer.

Research Publications
  • Transport property mechanism of semiconducting x MgO:(50-x) PbO:50V2O5 glasses.
  • Thermoelectric power measurements of GeO2 substituted PbO–V2O5 semiconducting glass system.
  • Dielectric Studies of Tin Oxide and Tin Dioxide Added with Barium Titanate.
  • ESR and DC electrical properties of Bi2O3-PbO-V2O5 glass system.
  • ESR and FT-IR studies on GeO2 substituted lead vanadate semiconducting glass system.
  • Semiconducting Glasses.
  • Radiation shielding Glasses.
  • Ferro electrics
  • Ceramics
  • Piezo electrics
Ponnada Tejeswara Rao