Brajogopal  Samanta

Brajogopal Samanta

Assistant Professor, Microbiology and FST (Food Science & Technolog), GSS , VSP

Ph. D.
Email ID
Ph. D.


Degree Name Institute & College name Year of Graduation/Award
PhD Department of Biological Sciences 2016
M Sc CAS in Marine Biology 2007
B Sc Honours Panskura Banamali College 2005


Designation Organization From Date To Date
Assistant Professor Central University of Rajasthan 17-07-2019 09-04-2020
Assistant Professor Mandsaur University 19-11-2018 16-07-2019
Postdoctoral Fellow Mount Allison University 01-08-2016 31-07-2018
Senior Research Fellow IISER Kolkata 01-05-2014 02-03-2016
Junior Research Fellow IISER Kolkata 01-08-2011 30-04-2014
Project Fellow IISER Kolkata 01-01-2010 30-06-2011
Project Assistant Bose Institute 23-07-2008 31-03-2009
Technologist IFB Agro Industries Limited 11-06-2007 07-02-2008


Award name Award Organization Awarded year
ONGC IGU Best Poster Award Indian Geophysical Union 2011
GATE IIT Guwahati 2010

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Title of the book Book / Chapter Name of the publisher Subject area Edition Page numbers ISBN Published year
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