Yasudha K.

Yasudha K.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, GSS , VSP

M. Tech.
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M. Tech.


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award
MTech CST2009
BSc Computer Science2001


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date
LecturerSanketika Engineering College02-08-200425-04-2006

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Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalDepartment of Computer ScienceGITAM (Deemed to be University)07-Sep-201208-Sep-2012Participated
NationalDept. of Computer Science and Systems EngineeringAndhra University29-Jun-201230-Jun-2012Participated
NationalGITAM (Deemed to be University) and AP Science CongressGITAM (Deemed to be University)14-Nov-201116-Nov-2011Intelligent technique and effective methodologies on case based reasoning for medical knowledge engineeringParticipatedK.Vanitha
NationalGITAM Institute of Science and Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (I SERVE)GITAM (Deemed to be University)14-Sep-201116-Sep-2011Participated
NationalGITAM Institute of Technology, GITAMGITAM (Deemed to be University)15-Apr-201116-Apr-2011Participated
NationalDepartment of Computer ScienceAdikavi Nannaya University22-Oct-201023-Oct-2010Participated
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
ATAL Training and Learning Academy Online FDPFaculty development programDept. of CSGITAM04-Jan-202108-Jan-2021Participated
One day workshop on Apache SparkQuality improvement programDept. of Computer Science, GIS, GITAM ( Deemed to be) UniversityGITAM ( Deemed to be) University18-Dec-201918-Dec-2019Participated
Practical Approach to effective teaching and productive research in Applied ScienceQuality improvement programDept. of Electronics and physics, GIS, GITAM ( Deemed to be) UniversityGITAM ( Deemed to be) University11-Dec-201912-Dec-2019Participated
Python with Machine Learning WorkshopFaculty development programDept. of Computer Science and Engineering, GIT, GITAM ( Deemed to be) UniversityGITAM ( Deemed to be) University18-Nov-201920-Nov-2019Participated
Faculty Development Program on Recent Advancements in Computer ScienceFaculty development programGITAM (Deemed to be University)GITAM (Deemed to be University)01-Feb-201903-Feb-2019Participated
Deep learning with Tensor flowFaculty development programKL (Deemed to be University)KL (Deemed to be University)29-Jun-201830-Jun-2018Participated
National Workshop on Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics using R ProgrammingQuality improvement programDept. of CSE, JNTUHJNTU H22-Feb-201824-Feb-2018Participated
NAtional workshop on BIG DATA ANALYTICS NWBDA 2016Quality improvement programDepartment of Computer ScienceGITAM (Deemed to be University)04-Jan-201605-Jan-2016Participated
National Workshop on Soft ComputingQuality improvement programDepartment of Computer Science, Adikavi Nannaya UniversityAdikavi Nannaya University27-Jan-201227-Jan-2012Participated
National Workshop on Data Communications and SecurityQuality improvement programDept of CS & SE, College of Engineering, Andhra UniversityAndhra University31-Jan-201131-Jan-2011Participated
Soft Skills workshopQuality improvement programInfosys and Campus ConnectGITAM (Deemed to be University)01-Feb-201003-Feb-2010Participated
IBM Certified Database Associate DB2 FundamentalsTraining of tutorsIBMGITAM (Deemed to be University)30-Sep-200930-Sep-2009Participated
Instructional Design and Delivery SystemQuality improvement programNITTTR (National Institute of Technical teachers and Research)GITAM (Deemed to be University)01-May-200906-May-2009Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Recent Advances in StatisticsFaculty development programGITAM UNIVERSITYGITAM29-Jun-202129-Jun-2021Participated
ATAL Training and Learning Academy Online FDPFaculty development programDept. of CSGITAM04-Jan-202108-Jan-2021Organized
University TeachingFaculty development programUniversity of Hong Kong, CourseraVisakhapatnam02-Aug-202013-Aug-2020Participated
Learning to Teach onlineFaculty development programUNSW Sydney, CourseraViskhapatnam02-Aug-202015-Aug-2020Participated
Foundations of Virtual InstructionQuality improvement programUniversity of California, IrvineGITAM09-Jul-202019-Sep-2020Participated
Python Data StructuresFaculty development programUniversity of Michigan, CourseraVisakhapatnam04-May-202015-Jun-2020Participated
Python for Genomic Data ScienceFaculty development programJohns Hopkins University, CourseraVisakhapatnam27-Apr-202031-May-2020Participated
Introduction to Data Science in PythonFaculty development programUniversity of Michigan, CourseraVisakhapatnam21-Apr-202005-Jun-2020Participated
Fundamentals of Project Planning and ManagementFaculty development programUniversity of Virginia, CourseraVisakhapatnam20-Apr-202026-Jun-2020Participated
Machine Learning for AllFaculty development programUniversity of London, CourseraVisakhapatnam17-Apr-202020-May-2020Participated
Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)Faculty development programUniversity of Michigan, CourseraVisakhapatnam14-Apr-202030-May-2020Participated
Crash Course on PythonFaculty development programGoogle, CourseraVisakhapatnam13-Apr-202031-May-2020Participated
Python Programming A Concise IntroductionFaculty development programWesleyan University, CourseraVisakhapatnam06-Apr-202011-Jun-2020Participated
Organization nameMembership categoryMembership type
Indian Science Congress AssociationLifeMember