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Award nameAward OrganizationAwarded year
SERB ACS NPDF Poster Competition mentor to PDFDST ministry of science and Technology2020
Best Researcher AwardGITAM Deemed to be University2017
Gold Medal in Indian International Science Festival to PhD studentDST ministry of science and Technology2017
JNU UGC FellowshipJawaharlal Nehru University UGC1995
Gold Medal In MScOsmania University1994

Bacterial Gut Symbionts of Antheraea mylitta (LepidopteraSaturniidae)Journal of Entomological Science, Web of science, JAN-2020, 55, 137-140

16S rRNA sequence data of Bombyx mori gutbacteriome after spermidine supplementationBMC Research Notes, Scopus, FEB-2020, 13, 1-3

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Title of the projectFunded byDurationSanctioned date
Analysis of DNA and RNA components of nuclear matrix in Bombyx mori embryosDBT3622-May-2017
Title of the projectFunded byDurationSanctioned date
Study of differential regulation of microRNAs and their effect on high quality silk production of pesticide affected Bombyx moriDST2422-Aug-2017
Antimalarial activity of Zinziber roseum RoscDST3631-Dec-2015
Biochemical and Molecular analysis of Spermidine treated Bombyx mori silkworms.UGCMRP3617-Aug-2015
Synthesis and evalution of amino substituted oxa and thiadiazoles as possible bombyx mori growth enhancersUGC3604-Feb-2013
Chromatin opening by satellite DNAbinding drugs in Bombyx mori and and its impact on nuclear proteomeBRNS3606-Aug-2012
Chromatin opening by satellite DNAbinding drugs in Bombyx mori and Antheraea mylitta and its importance in SeribiotechnologyDBT3616-Jun-2011
Characterization of nuclear matrix RNA in drosophila embryos.DST3622-Aug-2005
Board nameJournal name
Board nameJournal name
Research paper ReviewerInsect Molecular Biology
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalBARC MumbaiBARC Mumbai31-Oct-201903-Nov-2019Ornithine decarboxylase regulates development of Bombyx mori oral presentationParticipatedNO
NationalSociety of Biological ChemistsCentral Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore21-Nov-201624-Nov-2016Effect of polyamines on testicular development and egg production in Bombyx moriParticipated
NationalSociety of Cell BiologyUniversity of Delhi02-Feb-200704-Feb-2007Characterization of nuclear matrix RNA of Drosophila melanogasterParticipated
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
Internationalinternational sericulture commissionMysore02-Mar-201904-Mar-2019Differentially Regulated silkgland mRNAs hampers silk production in dichlorvos affected mulberry silkwormsParticipated
International13th ADNAT (Association for Promotion of DNA Fingerprinting and Other DNA Technologies) Convention and SymposiumCentre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad23-Feb-200924-Feb-2009ENuclear matrix proteome analysis of Drosophila melanogaterParticipated
InternationalHuman Genome OrganizationCentre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad27-Sep-200830-Sep-2008Nuclear matrix, genome organization and regulation of genesParticipated
InternationalCCMB, HyderabadCentre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad14-Dec-200517-Dec-2005Characterization of Nuclear matrix from Drosophila EmbryosParticipated
InternationalICHG, EUPost Graduate Medical Eduation and Research, Vienna, Austria15-May-200119-May-2001Dominant Negative Effect of Novel Mutations on Pyruvate KinaseM2 in Bloom Syndrome CellsParticipated
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Isolation and identification of nuclearmatirx RNA of Bombyx mori silkglands.Anugata LGITAMSeribiotechnology2019Full timePhD
Isolation and identification of nuclearmatirx DNA of Bombyx mori silkglands.Alekhya Rani CGITAMSeribiotechnology2018Full timePhD
Effect of Polyamines on Nutritonal Status and Microbiome Diversity of Silkworm, Bombyx moriMs Resma RajanGITAMSeribiotechnologyFull timePhD
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Effect of Spermidine on microbiome Diversity and Nutritional Indices of Silkworm Gut During 5th Instar Larval DevelopmentResma RajanGIS, GITAMBiotechnology2017Full timePhD
Effect of Polyamines on Testicular development and Fecundity of Mulberry Silkworm Bombyx morlMs. M. Danti KumariSeribiotechnology2013Full time
Effect of Polyarnines on Mulberry Silkworm Bombyx mori.Ms. Aparna YerraSeribiotechnology2012Full time
Biotechnological studies on Zingiber roseumRoseMrs. P. Swarna LathaBiotechnology2010Full time
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Technology Innovation and Commercialization in Agriculture and Allied ScetorQuality improvement programMANAGEOnline16-Jun-202118-Jun-2021Participated
Behavior, Motivations and Mentoring SkillsTraining of tutorsTALENT MATRIXGITAM01-Mar-202131-Mar-2021Participated
Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Sericulture SectorQuality improvement programNational Institute of Agricultural Extension Managemet (MANAGE)APSSRDI, Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh20-Jan-202122-Jan-2021Participated
DBT BITP Programme 2021Quality improvement programBIOTECH CONSORTIUM INDIA LIMITEDSk Infotech (Formerly Known as GK Solutions)03-Jan-202103-Jan-2021Resource Person
DBT BITP Programme 2019Quality improvement programBIOTECH CONSORTIUM INDIA LIMITEDNSEIT Limited Visakhapatnam22-Sep-201922-Sep-2019Resource Person
Animal Cell Culture and Molecular Diagnostic techniquesFaculty development programDepartment of Zoology. Kakatiya University, WarangalKakatiya University27-Aug-201430-Apr-2014Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Organization nameMembership categoryMembership type
Society of Biological Chemists IndiaLifeMember
The Indian Science Congress AssociatoinLifeMember
Title of the lectureName of the college / universityPlaceDate
Recent Developments in Silkworm BiologyDepartment of Zoology, Kakatiya UniversityWarangal, Telangana17-Mar-2017
Heterochromatin Goldmine of the CellChaitanya Postgraduate CollegeWarangal, Telangana13-Dec-2011
Analysis of Nuclear Skeleton of Drosophila melanogasterDepartment of Zoology, Kakatiya UniversityWarangal, Telangana23-Nov-2010
Chromatin orgnaizatoinBVK College, Andhra UniversityVisakhapatnam23-Dec-2014