Shahnaz Rahman Lone

Assistant Professor, Life sciences, GSS, VSP | | | |

I am a behavioral neurogeneticist specializing in the study of time, memory, sleep, and love. Utilizing fruit flies as a model organism, we investigate the neuronal mechanisms underlying these behaviors by selectively blocking specific groups of neurons to understand their roles. I obtained my Ph.D. from JNCASR Bangalore. Subsequently, I pursued postdoctoral research at Johns Hopkins University in the USA and the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

Research Publications
  • Mechanosensory stimulation via Nanchung-expressing neurons can induce daytime sleep in Drosophila. Lone SR*, Potdar S, Venkataraman A, Sharma N, Rutvij K Kulkarni RK, Rao S, Vasu S* and Sharma VK. Journal of Neuroscience. 2021; 41:9403-9418. 4. This article was covered in news.
  • Dopamine, sleep, and neuronal excitability modulate Ab42 -mediated forgetting in Drosophila Kaldun JC#; Lone SR#; Humbert A; Widmer YF; Stein JV; Tomchik S; Sprecher SG. PLoS Biology 2021;19(10),e3001412 # Authors contributed equally. This article was covered in public news. medikament-gegen- alzheimer-vergesslichkeit-id16927569.html gegen-alzheimer-vergesslichkeit
  • Sleep Interacts with Ab to Modulate Intrinsic Neuronal Excitability. Tabuchi M, Lone SR, Liu S,Liu Q, Zhang J, Spira AP, Wu MN. Current Biology 2015; 25:1-11. Commentary on paper by Alex C. Keene and William J. Joiner Neurodegeneration: Paying It Off with Sleep
  • Or47b-neurons promote male-mating success in Drosophila. Lone SR, Venkataraman A, Srivastava M, Potdar S, Sharma VK. Biology letters 2015; 11(5).
  • Peculiar sleep features in sympatric species may contribute to the temporal segregation. Mishra S, Sharma N, Singh SK and Lone SR*. (Journal of Comparative Physiology B) 2022:1- 14.
  • Sleep, Circadian rhythms, Memory, courtship, Alzheimer's disease,
Shahnaz Rahman Lone