Niranjan A Kambi

Assistant Professor, Life sciences, GSS, VSP | |

Niranjan Kambi is from Belgaum, Karnataka. After completing his Bachelors and Masters from Karnatak University in Dharwad, he pursued his PhD from National Brain Research Centre, Gurugram and postdoctoral research from University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. His research interests concern broadly cognitive neuroscience and electrophysiology with special interest in learning and memory explored using multiple animal models ranging from tiny worm (C elegans), fruit fly, honey bee to mammals.

Research Publications
  • Primate thalamic nuclei select abstract rules and shape prefrontal dynamics. Jessica M Phillips, Mohsen Afrasiabi*, Niranjan A Kambi*, Michelle J Redinbaugh, Summer Steely, Emily R Johnson, Xi Cheng, Maath Fayyad, Sounak Mohanta, Asia Caris, Charles B Mikell, Sima Mofakham, Yuri B Saalmann. bioRxiv (2024) 13.584871. (*equal authorship)
  • Thalamus modulates consciousness via layer-specific control of cortex MJ Redinbaugh, JM Phillips, NA Kambi, S Mohanta, S Andryk, GL Dooley, ... Neuron 106 (1), 66-75. e12
  • Large-scale reorganization of the somatosensory cortex following spinal cord injuries is due to brainstem plasticity. Niranjan Kambi, Priyabrata Halder, Radhika Rajan, Vasav Arora, Prem Chand, Manika Arora, Neeraj Jain. Nature communications. (2014) 5.1 3602.
  • Complete reorganization of the motor cortex of adult rats following long‐term spinal cord injuries. Shashank Tandon*, Niranjan Kambi*, Hisham Mohammed, Neeraj Jain. European Journal of Neuroscience 38(2) 2271-2279. (*equal authorship)
  • Reorganization of the primary motor cortex of adult macaque monkeys after sensory loss resulting from partial spinal cord injuries N Kambi, S Tandon, H Mohammed, L Lazar, N Jain Journal of Neuroscience 31 (10), 3696-3707
  • Cognitive Neuroscience, Electrophysiology
Niranjan A Kambi