Suneetha Kandi

Suneetha Kandi

Associate Professor,HOD, Applied Psychology, GSHS , VSP

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.
Suneetha Kandi has 18 years of experience teaching, counselling and doing research in Psychology and the interdisciplinary areas of Yoga and Spirituality. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Psychology, GITAM School of Gandhian Studies. She was a UGC Post Doctoral and UGC NET Doctoral Fellow at Andhra University. Her PhD Dissertation won the Durganand Sinha Best Paper Award of the National Academy of Psychology. She was the recipient of the Gold Medal and other Awards as well as the best dissertation prize in MA Psychology. She received the international American Parapsychology Research Endowment Award and national Research Fellowships from ICPR and Ministry of Culture for research studies in Yoga, Indian Psychology, Culture and Heritage. She is the Board of Studies member, Adikavi Nannayya University and G.S. College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis, Lonavla. She was awarded research projects from ICSSR, IPI, DSIR, ICMR and consultancy projects from Navayuga Engineering Co. She completed PG Diploma in Yoga and Certificates in Counselling and in Positive Psychology which were offered by the University of North Carolina. She has numerous publications in refereed National and International Journals, made several paper presentations and chaired conference sessions in IEEE Conference, 8th InSPA Conference, and was the Technical Program Committee Member for 4th ICMESD, Shaanxi, China. She delivered several UGC-CEC Video online lessons on psychology. She is the member of International Society for Development and Sustainability and Centre for Quality of Life, Australia.


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award
Thought Suppression An Experimental investigation into the effects of distraction valence and cuingDept of Psychology College of Arts and commerce2002
PG Diploma in YogaYCT1997
MAMA Psychology1994


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date
Sr Assistant ProfessorMVGR College of Engineering03-10-200811-06-2019
FacultyInstitute for Human Science & Service01-07-200415-02-2006
PGT (Counsellor)Naval Public School20-06-200104-08-2003
Assistant ProfessorCouncil for Social Development20-06-200101-01-1900


Award nameAward OrganizationAwarded year
Best presentation AwardInternational Society of Waste Management Air and Water2020
Best paper awardIndian School Psychology Association2018
Prof Durganand Sinha AwardNational Academy of Psychology1996
Smt Vegesina Neelamma and Sri Pedda Subbaraju Gold MedalAndhra University1996
Dr. N. Subba Rao Memorial PrizeAndhra University1996
Mrs. Eileen J. Garett PrizeAndhra University1996

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Title of the projectFunded byDurationSanctioned date
Title of the projectFunded byDurationSanctioned date
Prevalence of unmet counselling needs of male and female professional college studentsICSSR1801-Jan-2010
Study of spiritual experiences in Practitioners of Spirituality belonging to different traditionsIPI3024-Oct-2008
Spirituality as a force of psychosocial reform Indian HeritageDept of Culture, GOI2407-Apr-2006
Scientific Exploration of Yogic Practices for Developing Psychic AbilitiesAPA, USA2425-Aug-2004
Women and family issues in Batakamma folk songsDept of Culture, GOI2426-Dec-2000
Identification of Gaps in Technology Utilization and Training for the Development of Rural WomenDSIR24
Title of the bookBook / ChapterName of the publisherSubject areaEditionPage numbersISBNPublished year
Counselling Needs of College Students.BookLambert Publishing co GermanyPsychologyFirst9783330061722018
Meditation und Achtsamkeit Altes Wissenschafftneue WissenshaftChaptersAuflage KlotzVerlagPsychologyFirst111-128388074386X, 9782012
Yoga the ancient tradition in the new millenniumChaptersThe Associated Publishers.Yoga PsychologyFirst357-38681842909932009
Towards a Spiritual Psychology Essays in Indian PsychologyChaptersSamvad FoundationPsychologyFirst409-42781901318422005
Facets of Crime and Violence An Interdisciplinary PerspectiveChapters Andhra University PressPsychologyFirst126-134O2002
Perspectives of Psychology and Social DevelopmentChaptersConcept PublishersPsychologyFirst244-25581702276821999
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalICSSRRajamundry.23-Feb-201824-Feb-2018Yoga for holistic education and all round development of children and youthParticipated
NationalICSSRRajamundry.23-Feb-201824-Feb-2018Yoga impact on education past, present and future.Participated
NationalIndira Gandhi National Tribal UniversityAmarkantak, M,P30-Nov-201701-Dec-2017Concepts of Kundalini Yoga according to Yoga and Tantra Classical TextsParticipatedchandaka sri krishna
NationalNACIACPCoimbatore27-Jan-201729-Jan-2017Prevalence of Urban & Rural Adolescent Problems and Counselling Challenges in the Digital Age.Participated
NationalICPRMathura, UP.04-Mar-200807-Mar-2018Ananda Experiences of Spirituality PractitionersResource Person
NationalIHSSVisakhapatnam03-Jan-200623-Jan-2006Scientific Exploration of Yogic practices for developing yogic abilitiesParticipated
NationalIHSSVisakhapatnam03-Jan-200605-Jan-2006Psi Enhancement techniques in Yoga textsParticipatedchandaka sri krishna
NationalIHSSVisakhapatnam03-Jan-200606-Jan-200617.An Investigation of cognitive anomalies among college studentsParticipatedSonali, Sarada
NationalIHSSVisakhapatnam14-Oct-200416-Oct-2004Coping with Incarceration The role of Yoga and Meditation and SpiritualityParticipated
NationalJ. B. Pant Institute of Social SciencesAllahabad07-Jan-200208-Jan-2002The role of beliefs in psychosocial development of children, National Seminar on BachpanResource Person
NationalYCTHyderabad16-Oct-199818-Oct-1998Yoga and Anxiety in Social Welfare Hostel BoysParticipatedchandaka sri krishna
NationalYCTHyderabad16-Oct-199817-Oct-1998Meditation and Catharsis.Participated
NationalNAOPBhubaneswar18-Dec-199720-Dec-1997Emotional Cudding An insight into the understanding of emotional experienceParticipated
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
InternationalAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam11-Sep-201813-Sep-2018Remedial programs for Adolescent school & college students for problemsResource Person
InternationalIEEEChennai07-Sep-201808-Sep-2018Resource Person
InternationalAtlanta pressXian, China18-May-201820-May-2018Organized
InternationalYCT Bheemili13-Feb-201623-Feb-20166.Comparative analysis of Anustana Yoga Vedanta In light of similar modern traditions.Organized
InternationalAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam05-Mar-201406-Mar-2014Psychosocial dynamics of male dominance and status of womenParticipated
InternationalGITAMVisakhapatnam23-Jan-201424-Jan-2014How did we reach here in Indian psychologyParticipated
InternationalAndhra University & NCMTVisakhapatnam04-Dec-201005-Dec-2010Music as a form of psychotherapy for stress prone adolescent college studentsParticipated
InternationalAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam18-Feb-201020-Feb-2010Counselling needs of professional college students and quality of lifeParticipated
InternationalAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam13-Nov-200715-Nov-2007Thought suppression Implications for psychopathologyResource Person
InternationalAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam03-Jan-200506-Jan-2005Soothing the troubled Soul The Vedantic way.Participated
InternationalAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam04-Oct-200210-Oct-2002Concentration The Gateway to SuperConsciousnessParticipated
InternationalAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam17-Dec-200018-Dec-2000The Blazing issue of firesettingParticipated
InternationalNAOPVisakhapatnam14-Dec-200016-Dec-2000thought suppression an experimental investigation into the effects of distraction, valence and cuingParticipated
Name of the awardAwarded byAwarded year
Best research paper awardInternational association of school psychology2018
Award of postdoctoral fellowship for womenUGC2011
Professor Durganand Sinha Research Presentation AwardNAOP2000
UGC NET with FellowshipUGC1996
Dr N Subba Rao Memorial awardAndhra university1994
smt V Neelamma and Sri P Subbaraju Gold MedalAndhra university1994
Eileen J. Garrett awardAndhra university1994
Best practicum workAndhra university1994
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Overcoming Inferiority and superiority complexQuality improvement programYCTVizianagaram06-Jun-201906-Jun-2019Organized
Assertiveness skills training WorkshopQuality improvement programYCTVizianagaram14-Feb-201920-Feb-2019Organized
Assertiveness skills trainingQuality improvement programYCTVizianagaram14-Feb-201920-Feb-2019Organized
Yoga induction training to PET & PD teachers, ITDAFaculty development programYCT Bheemili17-Sep-201822-Sep-2018Resource Person
Solution focused brief therapyQuality improvement programAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam24-Feb-201824-Feb-2018Resource Person
Advance level 2 day workshop on Solution focused brief TherapyQuality improvement programNIMHANSBangalore27-Dec-201728-Dec-2017EDP
CognEx 2.0 Experimental methods in cognitive scienceQuality improvement programIIT KanpurKanpur24-Jul-201728-Jul-2017EDP
3 day FDP on Essential role of todays teacherFaculty development programMaharaja college of pharmacyVizianagaram02-May-201704-May-2017Resource Person
Teacher orientation programTraining of tutorsMANSASVizianagaram24-Apr-201725-Apr-2017Resource Person
Teacher orientation programTraining of tutorsSasi Institute of technology & engineeringVizianagaram24-Apr-201725-Apr-2017Resource Person
Intellectual property rights awareness workshopQuality improvement programAPCOSTVisakhapatnam20-Mar-201420-Mar-2014Participated
Behavior modifation for special childrenQuality improvement programAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam11-Apr-201212-Apr-2012EDP
AICTE FDP on imparting soft skills and modern teaching methodsFaculty development programSasi Intitute of technology & engineering & JNTUKTadepalligudem05-Apr-201016-Apr-2010Resource Person
Research methodology and SPSS 18.0 Predictive analysis softwareFaculty development programSPSS & JNTUHHyderabad11-Dec-200913-Dec-2009MDP
NWRPEI 09Faculty development programVignan institute of information technologyVisakhapatnam21-Mar-200921-Mar-2009Participated
Refresher course in yogaTraining of tutorsAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam15-Dec-200819-Dec-2008Resource Person
AICTE FDP on Inculcating human values and ethics in Technical EducationFaculty development programSasi Intitute of technology & engineeringSasi Intitute of technology & engineering01-Dec-200812-Dec-2008Resource Person
AICTE FDP on Inculcating human values and ethics in Technical EducationFaculty development programSasi Intitute of technology & engineeringSasi Intitute of technology & engineering01-Dec-200812-Dec-2008Resource Person
AICTE FDP on Inculcating human values and ethics in Technical EducationFaculty development programSasi Intitute of technology & engineeringSasi Intitute of technology & engineering01-Dec-200812-Dec-2008Resource Person
Atma Vidya Prabhoda ShibirQuality improvement programYCTVizianagaram15-Mar-200831-Jul-2008Participated
National Workshop on Commodity ResearchQuality improvement programNDEXNew Delhi10-Oct-200710-Oct-2007Participated
Coping with Lifes challengesQuality improvement programAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam28-Apr-200629-Apr-2006Participated
National Conference cum workshop on Yoga and ParapsychologyFaculty development programIHSSVisakhapatnam03-Jan-200623-Jan-2006Participated
Effective study habits and goal settingQuality improvement programAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam05-Nov-199805-Nov-1998Resource Person
Teaching morality and logicQuality improvement programAndhra UniversityVisakhapatnam09-Mar-199811-Mar-1998Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Workshop on Assertiveness skillsQuality improvement programYCTVizianagaram06-Jun-201906-Jun-2019Organized
Certificate in positive psychologyQuality improvement programUniversity North Carolina, USACoursera01-Oct-201629-Oct-2016Participated
certificate in Psychological counsellingQuality improvement programChristian counselling centervellore02-Jun-199826-Jun-1998Participated
Organization nameMembership categoryMembership type
GS College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis LonavlaOthersMember
Adikavi Nannaya UniversityOthersMember
Quality of Life AustraliaLifeOthers
Title of the lectureName of the college / universityPlaceDate
Psychological approaches to environmentEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam22-May-2014
Ecology and developmentEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam22-May-2014
Environmental wisdomEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam22-May-2014
DemographyEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam22-May-2014
Facing the thoughts of deathEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam26-Nov-2013
Children & dyingEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam26-Nov-2013
Management of the dying patientEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam26-Nov-2013
Grief & BereavementEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam26-Nov-2013
Dying TrajectoriesEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam18-Oct-2013
Social, personal, and situational determinants of aggressionEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam12-Sep-2013
Aggression in societyEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam12-Sep-2013
Relationship with family and friendsEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam28-Mar-2014
Environmental assessmentEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam28-Mar-2014
Environment and behaviourEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam28-Mar-2014
Pain physiology & psychological factorsEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam28-Mar-2014
Relationship breakdownEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam28-Mar-2014
Controlling pain psychology methodsEMMRC, EFL UniversityVisakhapatnam28-Mar-2014
Psychological aspects of Yoga ConsciousnessYoga Consciousness trustVizianagaram18-Nov-2017
Goal AchievementMansas SchoolVizianagaram01-Oct-2016
Anger managementYoga Consciousness trustVizianagaram03-Aug-2018
Overcoming inferiority & superiorityYoga Consciousness trustVizianagaram06-Jun-2018
Meditative techniquesYoga Consciousness trustVisakhapatnam07-Dec-2018
Overcoming ego problemsYoga Consciousness trustVisakhapatnam10-Dec-2018
Social PsychologyAndhra universityVisakhapatnam21-Jan-2019
Goal setting and attainmentYoga Consciousness trustVizianagaram16-Feb-2019
Social PsychologyAndhra universityVisakhapatnam05-Dec-2016
Clinical psychologyAndhra universityVisakhapatnam03-Apr-2016
Social PsychologyAndhra universityVisakhapatnam30-Nov-2017
Counselling & guidance for adolescent girlsKasturba Gandhi Balika VidhyalayamAnnandapuram30-Mar-2017
Motivation for studentsGMR Institute of technologySrikakulam19-Aug-2017
Title of the projectName of the principal investigatorName of the co investigatorName of the client / agency fundedDuration
Psychological profiling of executives 3Suneetha KandiSuneetha KandiNavayuga Engineering Company2 months
Psychological profiling of executives 2Suneetha KandiSuneetha KandiSuneetha Kandi2 months
Psychological profiling of executivesSuneetha KandiSuneetha KandiNavayuga Engineering Company2 months
Title of the projectName of the principal investigatorName of the co investigatorName of the client / agency fundedDuration