Applied Psychology

The Department of Applied Psychology at the School of Gandhian Studies offers Undergraduate, Masters, M. Phil and Doctoral Programmes across specializations including Clinical, Organizational and Indian Psychology streams.

English and Other Languages

The Department offers a comprehensive Master's programe and a range of Research programmes. Students can also pursue Diploma and Certificate programmes from the department.

Political Science

The Department of Political Science prepares students to become active and responsible citizens by educating them about the history, philosophical, and constitutional foundations of governing institutions.


The department offers programmes that deal with the qualitative and quantitative aspects of economics, as well as theory and practical applications besides giving a historical perspective.


The department offers carefully curated programmes that will help students use a wide range of sources to weave individual lives and collective actions into narratives that bring critical perspectives on both our past and our present.


The department offers students the option of minoring in sociology, with programmes on the classical foundations of the discipline, the fundamental categories of sociological thought, and also, contemporary advances in the discipline dealing with problems of our modern world.

Fine and Performing Arts

There is an artist in every human, and the department of Fine and Performing Arts is impelled to awaken the artistic quotient in every student. The department has a core strength of faculty with specializations in diverse fields of dance, music, theatre and visual arts, driven to offer unique programmes in arts education that will inspire students to discover and articulate their creative potential.

Centre for Gandhian Studies

Gandhi's life, works, and philosophy have been academic concerns for several decades, with a focus on the effectiveness of his Satyagraha and nonviolent conflict resolution. The global green movements, the philosophy of deep ecology, and numerous peace initiatives are indebted to his ideologies.

Centre for Cultural Studies

The discipline of Cultural Studies is a relatively new and innovative field of study that thrives in various fields, such as literature, popular culture, gender and sexuality, sustainability, history as well as intellectual and socio-cultural movements, alternative forms of social praxis, and the digital media.Cultural Studies investigates how culture, society, history, politics and technology are interacting in the modern world, drawing on critical theories and contextual assessments. Understanding the crucial issues of production and consumption, speech and ideology, and alternatives in the contexts of local history and global development is made possible by Cultural Studies.