Somayajula Bharadwaj

Somayajula Bharadwaj

Associate Professor, Physics, GSS, HYD

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award
Doctor of PhilosophyOSMANIA UNIVERSITY2011
Master of PhilosophyDirectorate of Distance Education(DDE)2006
Master of ScienceUniversity college of Science2003
Bachelor of ScienceBhavan Degree College2001


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date


Award nameAward OrganizationAwarded year
Best paper PresentationSatyabhama University2011

Study of magnetic and magnetoresistance behaviour of La0. 67Sr0. 33MnO3CoFe2O4 compositesJournal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Scopus, NOV-2020, 513, 167058

Permittivity relaxation variation for additive doping in cobalt ferrite at high frequenciesIntegrated Ferroelectrics, Scopus, DEC-2019, 201, 155-162

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Title of the bookBook / ChapterName of the publisherSubject areaEditionPage numbersISBNPublished year
Advanced Sensor and Detection MaterialsChaptersJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.Role of Microwave Sintering in the Preparation of Ferrites for High Frequency Applications1111-14597811187734822014
Board nameJournal name
Board nameJournal name
SpringerCarbon letters
ElsevierAlloys and compounds
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalResearch Laboratories, ImaratHyderabad26-Nov-200928-Nov-2009Temperature dependence of Elastic behavior of Nanocrystalline CoZn FerritesParticipatedS.Bharadwaj
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
InternationalSatyabhama universityChennai28-Nov-201130-Nov-2011Electrical and dielectric properties of xNi0.53Cu0.12Zn0.35Fe1.88O4 (1x) BaTiO3nanocompositesParticipatedS.Bharadwaj
InternationalUniversity of DelhiDelhi13-Dec-200917-Dec-2009Microwave Hydrothermal synthesis of Nanocrystalline CoZn ferritesParticipated
InternationalNPL, delhiDelhi21-Oct-200823-Oct-2008MicrowaveHydrodermal synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline CoZn FerritesParticipated