Prasanthi Boddu

Assistant Professor, GSP, VSP | | | |

Dr. Prasanthi Boddu is from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. She graduated with a Ph.D. and a CSIR Postdoctoral Research Associateship from Andhra University. She is a UGC-JRF Fellow and the 2014 Sri. J. J. Rao Best Ph.D. Thesis Gold Medal in Pharmaceutical Sciences recipient from Andhra University. Her research focuses on developing innovative delivery systems to address pressing problems like MDR, XDR, and PDR management, which can be tackled comprehensively through QbD and IPR creation.

Research Publications
  • Statistical Experimentation Approach in Designing pH-Sensitive Oxaliplatin Lipid Nanoparticles for Application in Colorectal Cancer Therapy
  • Glyceryl Monooleate Functionalized Matrix with an Inter Polyelectrolyte Complex System for the Management of Drug Resistance in Tuberculosis
  • Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of rifampicin, isoniazid and pyrazinamide in human plasma
  • Formulation and characterization of pyrazinamide polymeric nanoparticles for pulmonary tuberculosis: Efficiency for alveolar macrophage targeting
  • Assessment of potential drug-drug interactions among adult polypharmacy patients of general medicine department in a south Indian tertiary care teaching hospital: A prospective observational study
Ongoing Research Projects
  • A prospective cohort study of levitiracetam therapeutic drug monitoring using LC-MS/MS among epilepsy patients in a tertiary care teaching hospital
Authored Books
  • Chapter-11: Nanomedicines for precise therapy in hyperlipidemia & obesity
  • Medicinal Values of Plant in Pharmacy
  • Response surface methodology (RSM) optimization of targeted dosage forms
  • Biopharmaceutical evaluation and stability-indicating analytical method development for lipid-based drug delivery system
  • Generation of Intellectual property rights (IPR) for patenting
  • Establishing scientific evidence through clinical studies required to provide a correlation with in vitro studies
  • Quality by design (QbD) approach in the design of experimental formulations and generation of mathematical models
Prasanthi Boddu