S Sushma Raj

Associate Professor, English and other languages, GSHS, VSP

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S. Sushma Raj has an M.A., M.Phil. and a Ph.D. in English from Andhra University and an M.B.A. from GITAM. Her research interests include Ecofeminism, Ecocriticism, Indian Writing in English and African American Literature. She has been invited as a Guest Speaker to deliver talks on these themes by many educational institutes and NGOs.

Research Publications
  • S. Sushma Raj, & Manjula Davidson. "Ecofeminism: The Pragmatic Posture of Feminism in the 21st Century." International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature (IJSELL) 2.8 (2014)
  • S. Sushma Ra, & C. V. Padmaja. "Teaching English for science students." Current Science (2019), pp: 1766-1766. ( Scopus Indexed & WoS )
  • S. Sushma Raj, & C. V. Padmaja, “Multicultural Canada and Diasporic Writers: Rohinton Mistry & Shyam Selvaduari,” IUP Journal of English Studies, Sep 2019. ( Scopus Indexed )
  • Kavitha Chandu, & S. Sushma Raj, “English: The Heart beat of World Science”, Current Science, Vol. 102, No 7, 10 April 2012.pp. 1087, IF 0.782. (Scopus & WoS Indexed)
  • S.Sushma Raj, Manjula Davidson. "An Ecofeministic Assesment of the poetry of Kamala Das: The Stream of Sexism", Subaltern speak: An International Journal of Post Colonial Studies, Volume II Issue IV, July 2014.pp.1-6
Authored Books
  • The Impact of Science on Literature
  • Towards a New Age of Non-violence(Edited)
  • Ecocriticism, Ecofeminism, Afro-American Literature, Indian Writing in English, Women's Writing
S Sushma Raj