B Sudha Sai

Associate Professor, English and other languages, GSHS, VSP


B. Sudha Sai has an MPhil and a PhD in English from Utkal University. Her research interests include British Literature, Indian Writing in English and English Language Teaching

Research Publications
  • Completed a Major UGC Research project titled “Emphasis on English at the Intermediate level in Andhra Pradesh" with a grant of 4.75 lakhs. (2013-2017)
  • B. Sudha Sai. Essential Professional Skills. Notion Press. ISBN: 978-1-947429-99-4
  • B. Sudha Sai. “Importance of English Language Proficiency among professionals in Andhra Pradesh: A Statistical Approach.” Lokaratna (ISSN-2347-6427) Volume XI, Part II, November 2018. pp: 293-310.
B Sudha Sai