Nalamari Srinivasa Rao

Assistant Professor, English and other languages, GSHS, VSP

Nalamari Srinivasa Raohas an M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D. in English from Acharya Nagarjuna University. His research interests include Indian Drama in English and Native American Literature.

Research Publications
  • Rao, N. Srinivasa. Native American Literary Renaissance: A Fourth World Perspective of N. Scott Momaday’s Works. Prestige Books: 2013
  • Rao, N. Srinivasa. “Wisdom of Understanding, Respecting and Developing an Affinity with Nature: A Native American Ecological Perspective.” New Academia: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literary Theory. Vol. VII Issue. III, July 2018, ISSN 2347-2073
  • Rao, N. Srinivasa. “A Statistical Approach to Requirement of English Language Proficiency in the Realms of Engineering and Medicine in Andhra Pradesh.” Language in India. Vol. 18, Issue. 5 May 2018, ISSN 1930-2940
Nalamari Srinivasa Rao