V. Y. Jayasree P.

V. Y. Jayasree P.

Professor,Associate Director, Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering, GST , VSP

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.
Research Areas
  • Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility
  • Antennas
  • RF & Microwaves


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date
LecturerG V P Degree College02-08-199308-11-1998
LecturerGovt. Polytechnic for Women12-03-199009-07-1990

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Title of the bookBook / ChapterName of the publisherSubject areaEditionPage numbersISBNPublished year
5G Enabled Secure Wireless NetworksChaptersSpringerWireless Networks245-689783030035082019
Emerging Microwave Technologies in Industrial, Agricultural, Medical and Food ProcessingChaptersIntech Open , LondonFractal Array Antennas and applications213-2797817892340842018
Design of Thinned Fractal Arrays using Fractal Tapering TechniquesBookLAP LAMBERT Academic PublishingFractal Array Antennas and applications197861398205732018
Board nameJournal name
Editorial board memberInternational journal of Research in Signal Processing, Computing and Communication System Design
Board nameJournal name
TPC member of (NCC 2017TPC member of (NCC 2017) IIT Chennai
International Conference on Innovations in Electronics, Signal Processing and CommunicationProceedings of conference IESC2017
PIER & JEMWA Editorial and Production BoardProgress in Electromagnetic research
7th IEEE International Advance Computing Conference (IACC2017)Proceedings of conference (IACC2017)
ICMEET 2015Proceedings of conference ICMEET 2015
TMH PublishersFundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalJNTUK, UCE, VizianagaramJNTUK, UCE, Vizianagaram14-Mar-201415-Mar-2014FFTArnold transform based audio WatermarkingParticipated
NationalGITAM, VisakhapatnamDept. of ECE, GITAM14-Feb-201415-Feb-2014Simulation of Rectangular Microstrip Antenna using Shorting Wall TechniqueParticipated
NationalGITAM, VisakhapatnamDept. of ECE, GITAM14-Feb-201415-Feb-2014Absorption of Radiation from Mobile phones By SkinParticipated
NationalIETE, Visakhapatnam CentreIETE, Visakhapatnam Centre22-Mar-201323-Mar-2013Implementation of Constant Delay Logic StyleParticipated
NationalIETE, Visakhapatnam CentreIETE, Visakhapatnam Centre17-Mar-201218-Mar-2012Conductive Polymer Double Shields in Mobile PhonesParticipated
NationalIETE, Visakhapatnam CentreIETE, Visakhapatnam Centre17-Mar-201218-Mar-2012Optimization of Shielding effectiveness for a two layer laminate with temperatureParticipated
NationalVTU BangaloreVTU Bangalore25-Feb-201227-Feb-2012Shielding effectiveness analysis of perforated shields with multiple rectangular apertures & rectangular wave guidesParticipated
NationalGITAM, VisakhapatnamDept. of ECE, GITAM09-Jan-201210-Jan-2012EMI filter design for removal of Differential mode noise in conducted EMIParticipated
NationalGITAM, VisakhapatnamDept. of ECE, GITAM09-Jan-201210-Jan-2012Designing passive EMI filters to reduce common mode noiseParticipated
NationalAU college of Engineering, Andhra UniversityAU college of Engineering, Andhra University21-Dec-201122-Dec-2011Design of EMI filter for elimination of differential mode noise in conducted EMIParticipated
NationalAU college of Engineering, Andhra UniversityAU college of Engineering, Andhra University21-Dec-201122-Dec-2011EMI filter design to eliminate common mode noise in conducted interferenceParticipated
NationalNAVAL EMC CENTRE, Mumbai.NAVAL EMC CENTRE, Mumbai.18-Oct-201118-Oct-2011EMI Analysis For Oblique Incidence Of EM Waves In Double ShieldsParticipated
NationalGITAM, VisakhapatnamDept. of ECE, GITAM03-Dec-201004-Dec-2010Reduction of EMI for oblique incidence of EM waves using transmission line methodParticipated
NationalANITS, VisakhapatnamANITS, Visakhapatnam14-Nov-201015-Nov-2010Simplification of EMI for oblique incidence of single shield EM wavesParticipated
NationalAU college of Engineering, Andhra UniversityAU college of Engineering, Andhra University20-Nov-200921-Nov-2009Design of Dielectricconductor Cascade Material for Maximum Electromagnetic ReflectivityParticipated
National R&D Department, GUDept. of ECE, GITAM19-Dec-200820-Dec-2008Comparison of Shielding Effectiveness of Single and Double shields against EM FieldsParticipated
NationalDept. of ECE, GITAMDept. of ECE, GITAM23-Dec-200424-Dec-2004 Shielding effectiveness of Double shields against EM fields for EMI controlParticipated
NationalIETE, Visakhapatnam CentreAU college of Engineering, Andhra University20-Sep-200321-Sep-2003Some studies on shielding Effectiveness of shields for EMI controlParticipated
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
International IMaRC 2015,NOVOTEL Hyderabad18-Dec-201519-Dec-2015Novel Design Methodology for The Generation of Deterministic Fractal Antenna ArraysParticipated
InternationalDept.of ECE, GITAMGITAM18-Dec-201519-Dec-2015Organized
InternationalDept.of ECE, GITAMGITAM18-Dec-201519-Dec-2015Organized
InternationalIIT, ChennaiIIT, Chennai18-Sep-201519-Sep-2015Investigation for efficient fractal antenna arrays with novel design methodology and fractal excitationsParticipated
InternationalSCMS KochiSCMS Kochi07-Aug-201508-Aug-2015An Investigation of Fractal Antenna Arrays for Side Lobe Reduction with A Fractal Distribution of CurrentParticipated
InternationalDept of ECE, KL UNIVERSITYDept of ECE, KL UNIVERSITY02-Jan-201503-Jan-2015Design of Broadband Microstrip Array AntennaParticipated
InternationalSA Engg. College, ChennaiSA Engg. College, Chennai27-Feb-201428-Feb-2014Estimation of Shielding Effectiveness of Perforated Rectangular Enclosure using Transmission Line Method for Normal Incidence and Angle of IncidenceParticipated
InternationalIEEE, Hyderabad sectionGITAM19-Dec-201321-Dec-2013Organized
InternationalIEEE PrimeAsia2013GITAM, Visakhapatnam19-Dec-201321-Dec-2013An Efficient Shielding Effectiveness Analysis of Rectangular Box Perforated with Numerous Apertures by Transmission Line ModelParticipated
InternationalIEEE PrimeAsia2013GITAM, Visakhapatnam19-Dec-201321-Dec-2013DWTArnold transform based audio watermarkingParticipated
InternationalRITSRITS27-Feb-201328-Feb-2013Enhancement of Bandwidth and Gain of a Microstrip Antenna applicable for 430MHz Wind Profiling Radar using Elliptical SlotParticipated
InternationalCollege Of Engineering, Panvel, MumbaiCollege Of Engineering, Panvel, Mumbai25-Feb-201126-Feb-2011Simplification Of EMI For Oblique Incidence of Single Shield EM wavesParticipated
InternationalCollege Of Engineering, TrivandrumCollege Of Engineering, Trivandrum22-Oct-201023-Oct-2010Effect Of Material Parameters on Shielding Parameters Of A Three Layered Laminate Electromagnetic Shield At XBandParticipated
InternationalCollege Of Engineering, CoimbatoreCoimbatore10-Sep-201011-Sep-2010Development of a Three Layer Laminate for better Electromagnetic Compatibility performance at XbandParticipated
InternationalSociety of EMC EngineersSociety of EMC Engineers06-Nov-200808-Nov-2008A case study on the measurement of Shielding effectiveness of laminated shieldsParticipated
InternationalPentagram Research Institute, Hyderabad.Pentagram Research Institute, Hyderabad.07-Jan-200709-Jan-2007Some investigations on Shielding effectiveness of Double shields of conductive polymers against EM fieldsParticipated
InternationalIETE, Visakhapatnam CentreGreen Park, Visakhapatnam10-Dec-200411-Dec-2004Some investigations on Shielding effectiveness of Double shields against EM fieldsParticipated
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Internet of ThingsP.N.V. SrinivasGIT, GITAMIoT2020Part timePhD
AntennasPudipeddi Sai SpandanaGITAM Institute of Technology, GITAM UniversityAntennas2019Full timePhD
AntennasRamakrushna PanigrahiGITAM Institute of Technology, GITAM UniversityAntennas2018Part timePhD
AntennasY SukanyaGITAM Institute of Technology, GITAM UniversityAntennas2018Part timePhD
Signal Integrity in VLSI circuitsY Madhu BabuGITAM Institute of Technology, GITAM UniversityVLSI design2017Part timePhD
RF Filter designE Arun JyothiGITAM Institute of Technology, GITAM UniversityFilter design2017Part timePhD
UWB and Reconfigurable Antennas with Cognitive Radio NetworksKatragadda SwethaGITAM Institute of Technology, GITAM UniversityAntennas2015Part timePhD
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Energy Efficient Routing Algorithms for Improved Coverage and Connectivity in Wireless Sensor NetworksChaya ShivalingagowdaGIT, GITAMWireless Sensor Networks2020Part timePhD
Performance Enhancement of Vocoders using IPDP for Speech Processinh in mobile networks and Speech Stegnography ApplicationsR. Chinna RaoGIT, GITAMSpeech Processing2017Part timePhD
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Design and Development of Conformal Antenna for Missile, Satellite and WiMax applicationMr.Ch.V.Ravi SankarGIT, GITAMAntennas2020Part timePhD
Design and Analysis of a Novel Strained Tunnel Field Effect Transistor based SRAM CELLMr. Kallem NiranjanGIT, GITAMVLSI2020Part timePhD
Design of Fractal Array Antennas Using Concentric Elliptical Ring SubArray Geometric Methodology for Celestial CommunicationsV.A.Shankar PonnapalliAntennas2014Part timePhD
Development and Performance Evaluation of Digital Audio Watermarking SchemesN.V.LalithaDigital Image Processing2013Part timePhD
Investigations on Shielding Effectiveness of Rectangular Enclosure with Multiple Apertures using Transmission Line model MethodGummadi KameswariElectromagnetic Shielding Techniques2010Part timePhD
Name of the awardAwarded byAwarded year
ElectrodynamicsKAIST Coursera2021
Introduction to Satellite CommunicationsIMT Coursera2021
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)IBM Coursera2021
Learning to Teach OnlineUNSW Coursera2020
University TeachingThe University of Hong Kong Coursera2020
Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)University of Michigan Coursera2020
Introduction to ElectronicsGeorgia Institute of Technology Coursera2020
AI for EveryoneDeepLearning.AI Coursera2020
Cloud Computing Basics ( Cloud 101)LearnQuest Coursera2020
NPTEL SilverIIT Chennai2019
Best Teacher AwardGITAM University2018
Best Research paper (IJECIERD).Review Board of International Journal of Electronics Communication Instrumentation Engineering Research and Development IJECIERD2014
Technical Session chair IEEE Prime Asia 2013IEEE Hyderabad2013
Best paper award ICSCI07Pentagram Hyderabad2007
Technical session chair, NCBME 2004Dept. of ECE2004
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Productivity Tools for Teaching EnhancementFaculty development programDhyanahitha Education Society and GITAMGITAM20-Apr-202003-May-2020Participated
Enhancing Soft skills and PersonalityFaculty development programNPTELOn Line01-Feb-202030-Apr-2020Participated
The Joy of Computing using PythonFaculty development programNPTELIIT Madras01-Jul-201931-Oct-2019Participated
Educators for 21st Century EngineersQuality improvement programIIT, HyderabadIIT, Hyderabad25-Feb-201526-Feb-2015Participated
National Workshop on Optical Fibre Communications & PhotonicsFaculty development programGITAM, VisakhapatnamDept. of ECE, GITAM22-Feb-201422-Feb-2014Participated
National Workshop on Highspeed VLSI ApplicationsFaculty development programGITAM, VisakhapatnamDept. of ECE, GITAM07-Feb-201409-Feb-2014Participated
National Workshop on Recent Trends On Signal processing and Soft computingFaculty development programGITAM, VisakhapatnamDept. of ECE, GITAM17-Aug-201318-Aug-2013Participated
National Workshop on Modern Antennas and simulationsQuality improvement programNIT, WarangalNIT, Warangal17-Feb-201219-Feb-2012Participated
Recent Developments in Information & Communication TechnologiesFaculty development programAITAM Engg. College TekkaliAITAM Engg. College Tekkali12-Sep-200813-Sep-2008Participated
Workshop on Electromagnetics (WE)Faculty development programANITS, VisakhapatnamANITS, Visakhapatnam09-Feb-200710-Feb-2007Participated
Teachers Training Programme on INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN AND DELIVERYTraining of tutorsGITAM, VisakhapatnamGITAM, Visakhapatnam22-Jan-200728-Jan-2007Participated
Workshop on Advances in Sensors and applicationsFaculty development programCollege Of Engineering, GITAMDept. of EIE22-Dec-200623-Dec-2006Participated
Workshop on Advances in Signal ProcessingFaculty development programGITAM, VisakhapatnamDept. of ECE, GITAM11-Nov-200512-Nov-2005Participated
Workshop on Latest Technologies in Electronic CommunicationFaculty development programDept. of ECE, MVGR College of Engg., VizianagaramMVGR College of Engg., Vizianagaram12-Mar-200513-Mar-2005Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Title of the lectureName of the college / universityPlaceDate
Basics of AntennasMiracle College of Engineeringvisakhapatnam2011