Padmavathi S V

Padmavathi S V

Assistant Professor, Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering, GST , HYD

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award
Ph.DJNTU hyderabad2019


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date
Assistant ProfessorANITS Engineering college26-06-200615-11-2006


Award nameAward OrganizationAwarded year
Certificate of outstanding contribustion in reviewingMalla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology ICETEE2021
Best ResearcherD K International Research Foundation2020
Certificate of outstanding contribustion in reviewingMalla Reddy College of Engineering and Technology ICETEE2020
Bronze Leaf certificateIEEE international conference PRIMEASIA 20122012
Gold medal in chessGMRIT2002

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Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalEEE Dept.G.Pullaiah College of Engineering and Technology, Kurnool25-Jun-201425-Jun-2014Modeling and Simulation of Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor to Enhance the Power System SecurityParticipated
NationalEEE Dept.Velammal Engg. college , chennai27-Mar-201428-Mar-2014GA and DE approach to analyse power system security using UPFCParticipated
NationalEEESVECW07-Feb-201408-Feb-2014Mitigation of voltage sag or swell using SVPWM based DVRParticipated
NationalEEE Dept.DRIEMS, Orissa03-Feb-201404-Feb-2014Fuzzy based STATCOM and PSS in a SMIB system to Damp Power System OscillationsParticipated
NationalEEEDRIEMS, Cuttack03-Feb-201404-Feb-2014Fuzzy based STATCOM and PSS in a SMIB system to Damp Power System OscillationsParticipated
NationalEEENIT, Rourkela16-Mar-201317-Mar-2013Power System Security improvement through UPFCParticipated
NationalEEEMIT Karnataka03-May-201103-May-2011Matlab based model of a SMIB for stabilityParticipated
NationalEEEVelammal engg college24-Mar-201125-Mar-2011Optimal location of FACTS devices in PS by GAParticipated
NationalEEE Dept.Velammal Engg. college, Chennai24-Mar-201125-Mar-2011Damping of power system oscillations by fuzzy based PSS and STATCOM in SMIBParticipated
NationalEEE Dept.,Velammal Engg. college, Chennai18-Feb-201019-Feb-2010Optimal tuning of fuzzy logic PSS under multi operating conditions using PSOParticipated
NationalEEE Dept.,VEC Chennai18-Feb-201019-Feb-2010Application of PSO algorithm for combined Economic and Emission dispatchParticipated
NationalBHELBHEL16-Feb-201017-Feb-2010Design of PSO based fuzzy logic power system stabilizer for a synchronous machine connected to an infinite busParticipated
NationalEEEVIT22-Jul-200924-Jul-2009Optimal location of UPFC based on evolutionary optimization techniqueParticipated
NationalEEEVEC Chennai20-Mar-200920-Mar-2009A novel estimation technique for outage studies in power system planning and operationParticipated
NationalEEEVelammal Engg college20-Mar-200920-Mar-2009Static voltage stability enhancement using factsParticipated
NationalEEESRM, Chennai18-Apr-200819-Apr-2008Application of TCSC to reduce LOLP of composite power systemParticipated
NationalEEEVelammal Engg. college, Chennai14-Mar-200814-Mar-2008Reliability comparison of composite power system using FACTSParticipated
NationalEEEJNTUCEA28-Feb-200828-Feb-2008Available Transfer Capability Enhancement using FACTSParticipated
NationalEEEJNTUCEA28-Feb-200828-Feb-2008Reliability evaluation of composite power system using factsParticipated
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
InternationalEEEGuru Nanak Institutions26-Jul-201927-Jul-2019Power System Security Analysis Using FACTS Devices by Means of Intelligent and Hybrid Techniques Under Different Loading ConditionsParticipatedDr.A.Jayalaxmi
InternationalEEESri Sivani college of Engg college10-Mar-201811-Mar-2018Power System Security improvement by means of FAGSA based FACTS devices under fault conditionParticipated
InternationalEEE Dept.GITAM, Vizag19-Dec-201321-Dec-2013Modeling and Simulation of Static Var Compensator to Enhance the Power System SecurityParticipated
InternationalIOAJMetro Park Inn, Coimbatore17-Feb-201317-Feb-2013Power System Security Enhancement through the Coupled Model of Unified Power Flow ControllerParticipated
InternationalInterscience Open Access JournalMetro Park Inn, Coimbatore17-Feb-201317-Feb-2013Interscience Open Access JournalParticipated
InternationalECE Dept.BITS, Hyderabad05-Dec-201207-Dec-2012Available Transfer Capability Enhancement by using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm based FACTS AllocationParticipated
InternationalEEE Dept.GMRIT, Rajam07-Apr-201109-Apr-2011Matlab based model of a single machine infinite bus with TCSC controller for stability improvementParticipated
InternationalEEE Dept.GMRIT, Rajam07-Apr-201109-Apr-2011Damping of Power System Oscillations by Fuzzy based PSS and STATCOM in a SMIB SystemParticipated
InternationalEEE Dept.GMRIT, Rajam07-Apr-201109-Apr-2011MIPSCCONParticipated
InternationalEEE Dept.GMRIT, Rajam07-Apr-201109-Apr-2011MIPSCCONParticipated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Contemporary Power Systems & Power Electronics Applications An orientationQuality improvement programEEE DeptMatrusri Engineering college10-Oct-201811-Oct-2018Participated
DSP and ApplicationsFaculty development programECE and NITWGITAM VIZAG09-Nov-201618-Nov-2016Participated
Recent trends in Power Electronics and Renewable Energy SourcesQuality improvement programEEE Dept.MJCET, Hyderabd27-Jan-201429-Jan-2014Participated
Teaching and Evaluation methodsFaculty development programGITAM HyderabadGITAM Hyderabad28-Jun-201329-Jun-2013Participated
Wide area monitoring and control of sustainable power systemsQuality improvement programGITAM VisakhapatnamGITAM Visakhapatnam24-Jan-201325-Jan-2013Participated
MATLAB ApplicationsQuality improvement programGITAMGITAM Hyderabad21-Sep-201222-Sep-2012Participated
MATLAB ApplicationsQuality improvement programGITAM HyderabadGITAM Hyderabad21-Sep-201222-Sep-2012Participated
Recent research in bio inspired computing for EE applicationsQuality improvement programEEE Dept.CK college of engineering05-May-201206-May-2012Participated
Research methodologyQuality improvement programJNTU hyderabdJNTUH16-Jan-201221-Jan-2012Participated
Recent trends in Power Electronics and Power SystemsQuality improvement program EEE Dept.GITAM hyderabad06-Jan-201207-Jan-2012Participated
Evolutionary Computing Techiniques for Power Control and DrivesQuality improvement programEEE Dept.GITAM Visakhapatnam22-Jan-201124-Jan-2011Participated
Matlab and Simulink for engineering educationQuality improvement programMATLABDolphin hotel, Visakhapatnam26-Feb-201026-Feb-2010Participated
Women in Engineering and TechnologyQuality improvement programEEE DeptAndhra University23-Mar-200923-Mar-2009Participated
Women in Engineering and TechnologyQuality improvement programEEE DeptAndhra University23-Mar-200923-Mar-2009Participated
Power System Dynamic Stability and ControlQuality improvement programAndhra UniversityAndhra University13-Mar-200914-Mar-2009Participated
Emerging trends in information communication technologyQuality improvement programGITAM VisakhapatnamGITAM Visakhapatnam19-Dec-200820-Dec-2008Participated
Instructional design and delivery systemFaculty development programNITTR, Chennai at GITAM VisakhapatnamGITAM Visakhapatnam15-Dec-200820-Dec-2008Participated
Developments in Renewable Energy and Energy ManagementQuality improvement programGITAM VisakhapatnamGITAM Visakhapatnam01-Dec-200602-Dec-2006Participated
Orientation Program for teachersFaculty development programGITAMGITAM Visakhapatnam16-Nov-200618-Nov-2006Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Twoweek ISTE STTPFaculty development programIIT KharagpurGITAM Hyderabad12-Jun-201715-Jul-2017Participated
Electronics and ICT AcademyFaculty development programE&ICT AcademyGITAM, Hyderabad01-Jun-201710-Jun-2017Participated
Control System workshopQuality improvement programIIT KharagpurGITAM Hyderabad02-Dec-201412-Dec-2014Participated
Recent advances in power electronics and electric drivesQuality improvement programEEE Dept.GITAM Visakhapatnam19-Dec-201319-Dec-2013Participated
ESD challenges in sub micron devices design and applicationsQuality improvement programEEE Dept.GITAM Visakhapatnam19-Dec-201319-Dec-2013Participated