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Nagarjuna T

Assistant Professor, Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering, GST, BLR

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Degree Name Institute & College name Year of Graduation/Award
Doctorate degree SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY 2022
Masters in Engineering Loyola Institute of Technology 2013
Bacherlors of Technology NARAYANA ENGINEERING COLLEGE 2011


Designation Organization From Date To Date
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR IARE 01-02-2016 19-05-2018
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DVR 01-04-2015 31-01-2016
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR JMCE 01-04-2013 31-03-2015


Award name Award Organization Awarded year
Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer National Instruments 2018
University rank holder in masters in engineering degree Anna University rank holder 2014

Theoretical Analysis and Performance Comparison of OFDM and GFDM Signals for 5G Cellular Networks A ReviewJOURNAL OF MECHANICS OF CONTINUA AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES, Web of science, -2019, 14, 446-465

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Design of Smart Sensor Using Linux 2.6.29 Kernel International Journal of Applied Engineering Research , Scopus, -2017, 12, 7891-7896

Survey on Robot Vision Techniques, Tools and MethodologiesInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Scopus, -2017, 12, 6887-6896

Human tracking system using beagle board xMInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Scopus, -2017, 12, 5665-5669

Smart Sensor Network Based High Quality Air Pollution Monitoring System Using LabviewInternational Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE), Scopus, -2017, 13, 79-87

Cruise Control of Phase Irrigation Motor Using SparkFun SensorInternational Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE) , Scopus, -2017, 13, 193-198

ANALYSIS OF PLANAR INVERTEDF ANTENNA USING HFSSInternational Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET) , Scopus, -2017, 8, 656-661

Investigation and analysis of low power modified 14T adder and 20T adder circuitsFar East Journal of Electronics and Communications, Scopus, -2017, 17, 389-398

Design and Development of Coded OFDM based Digital Audio Broadcasting System using Concatenated Convolutional Turbo CodesInternational Journal of Engineering and Technology, Google scholar, -2017, 9, 77-84

Comparative analysis of CNTFET and CMOS logic based arithmetic logic unitJournal of Nano and Electronic Physics, Scopus, -2017, 9, 04018-1-04018-4

Content based image retrieval using genetic algorithm retrieval effectiveness in terms of precision and recallJournal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems , Scopus, -2017, 9, 2020-2028

Design of Substrate Integrated Microwave Horn Antenna with Constant Aperture DistributionInternational Journal of Electronics Engineering, Google scholar, -2016, 8, 5-12

Adaptive Estimation of the Doppler Shift in CDMA Using Monte Carlo MethodInternational Journal of Computer Science & Communication , Google scholar, -2014, 5, 16-22

Design And Development Of Hybrid Adaptation Techniques In MIMO OFDM System For 4G Wireless NetworksInternational Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering, Google scholar, -2013, 2, 533-547

Title of the book Book / Chapter Name of the publisher Subject area Edition Page numbers ISBN Published year
Progress in Advanced Computing and Intelligent Engineering Chapters Springer VLSI design 1 511-518 978981106875 2018
Board name Journal name
Board name Journal name
Hindawi journal of electrical and computer engineering
SCIENCE PUBCO International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)
Seminar name Organized by Venue Start date End date Title of the paper presented Role Co presenter
Seminar name Organized by Venue Start date End date Title of the paper presented Role Co presenter
International Rajagiri school of Engineering and Technology,Kochi KOCHI, KERALA 13-Sep-2018 15-Sep-2018 A New Approach for cyclic combinational circuit using TGDI Participated Nehru Kandasamy
International Karunya University Coimbatore 01-Mar-2013 02-Mar-2013 Design And Development Of Hybrid Adaptation Techniques In Mimo Ofdm System For 4G Wireless Networks Participated Gayathri
Name of the award Awarded by Awarded year
Title Type Organized by Venue Start date End date Role
USRP based SDR for communication system design using LABVIEW Faculty development program MLR Institute of Technology Hyderabad 22-Jun-2017 24-Jun-2017 Participated
sIgnal processing for wireless communications Faculty development program ELECTRONICS & ICT ACADEMY, NIT WARANGAL DVR and Dr. HS MIC College of Technology, Kanchikacheerla 12-Jun-2017 17-Jun-2017 Participated
Applied Communication Faculty development program LOYOLA INSTITUTE CHENNAI Chennai 24-Feb-2012 25-Feb-2012 Participated
Distributed Antenna System and MIMO Technology Training of tutors DMI College Chennai 16-Feb-2012 17-Feb-2012 Participated
Title Type Organized by Venue Start date End date Role
Organization name Membership category Membership type
Indian Society for Technical Education Life Member