Thomaskutty  Mathew

Thomaskutty Mathew

Associate Professor, Physics, GSS, BLR

Ph. D.
Email ID
Ph. D.
Research Areas
  • RF& Microwave Electronics
  • Sensors & RFID
  • EM wave propagation


Degree Name Institute & College name Year of Graduation/Award
Application of Strip Gratings for the Reduction of Radar Cross Section of Objects Dept of Electronics 1997
MSc 1989
BSc 1987


Designation Organization From Date To Date
Reader in Physics School of Technology and Applied Sciences 01-09-2008 24-01-2019
Post Doctoral Research Associate University of Kent (UK) 01-07-2006 31-08-2008
Senior Lecturer in Physics School of Technology and Applied Sciences M G University regional Centre 26-05-1999 31-01-2006
Lecturer in Physics Christ College 22-11-1995 25-05-1999

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