Sannapaneni Janardan

Sannapaneni Janardan

Assistant Professor, Chemistry, GSS, BLR

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.
Research Areas
  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Materials


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award
Hydrazide based hypercoordinated siliconIV complexes Synthesis and ApplicationsVIT2016
MSc Organic Chemistry2011
BSc Biotechnolgoy2008


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date
Assistant ProfessorGITAM25-07-201607-11-2022
Research AssociateVIT01-06-201101-12-2011


Award nameAward OrganizationAwarded year
Research AwardVIT2015
Research AwardVIT2014
Best Poster AwardCAMTech India Medical Hackathon2012

Simultaneous detection of dopamine, tyrosine and ascorbic acid using NiOgraphene modified graphite electrodeBiointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, Scopus, MAR-2020, 10, 5599-5609

Electrochemical study of anatase TiO2 in aqueous sodiumion electrolytesBiointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, Scopus, APR-2020, 10, 5843-5848

Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine and Tyrosine using Metal oxide (MO, MCu and Ni) Modified Graphite Electrode a Comparative StudyBiointerface Research in Applied Chemistry, Scopus, MAY-2020, 10, 6460-6473

Studies on stability and structural aspects of hydrazidebased hypercoordinate silicon (IV) complexesJournal of Coordination Chemistry, Web of science, APR-2020, 73, 917-933

New Hydrazide based Tricyclic Pentacoordinate Siliconium Ions A Facile Route to the Synthesis of Spherical Shaped Sr5(PO4)2SiO4Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Web of science, JUL-2020, 0, 5909

Facile Reduction of Phosphine Oxides by OSilylated Hydrazide Supported HydrosilanesSilicon, Others, AUG-2020, 00, 1-3

Synthesis, structure and thermolysis of cisdialkylplatinum (II) complexesExperimental and theoretical perceptionsJournal of Organometallic Chemistry, Web of science, SEP-2016, 818, 72-81

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Assessment on the antibacterial activity of nanosized silica derived from hypercoordinated silicon (iv) precursorsRSC advances, Web of science, JUL-2016, 6, 66394-66406

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Title of the bookBook / ChapterName of the publisherSubject areaEditionPage numbersISBNPublished year
Organized networks of Carbon nanotubes(Properties of Carbonnanotubes)ChaptersTaylor & FrancisNanomaterials11-5ISBN 97803672782020
Organized networks of Carbon nanotubes(Characterization of Carbonnanotubes)ChaptersTaylor & FrancisNanomaterials16-2597817718810982020
A Chemists Perspective on Bioenergy Opportunities and ChallengesChaptersApple Academic pressBiofuels1299-35397817718810982015
Board nameJournal name
Board nameJournal name
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalGITAM BengaluruGSS, GITAM Bengaluru (Webinar)26-Jun-202026-Jun-2020Organized
NationalGITAM BengaluruGSS, GITAM Bengaluru (Webinar)23-Jun-202023-Jun-2020Organized
NationalS V Arts and ScienceSV ARTS AND SCIENCE19-Dec-201319-Dec-2013Hydrazide based Hypercoordinate Silicon(IV) ComplexesSynthesis, Structure and ReactivityParticipated
NationalPondicherry UniversityPondicherry University22-Mar-201323-Mar-2013Novel Reactivity Aspects of Hydrazide Based Hypercoordinatesilicon(IV) ComplexesParticipatedPothini Suman
NationalPVKN GOVT COLLEGE AND UGE SERO HYDERABADPVKN GOVT COLLEGE09-Mar-201310-Mar-2013Remarkably Flexible Hydrazide Based Hypervalent Silicon(IV) Complexes Poster presentation at Current Research Trends and Developments in Chemical SciencesParticipatedPothini Suman
NationalCentral Leather Research Institute, ChennaiCentral Leather Research Institute, Chennai08-Feb-201310-Feb-2013Unusual Reactivity patterns of Novel Hypercoordinate silicon(IV) complexesParticipatedPothini Suman
NationalVIT UniversityVIT University28-Feb-201128-Feb-2011Role of chemistry in HumanlifeParticipatedkranthiraja
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
InternationalCamtech India Medical HackathanVIT University01-Apr-201902-Apr-2019Investigations on synthesis and medicinal properties of novel organometallic complexesA Neglected area of ResearchParticipatedPothini Suman
InternationalMysore University, MysoreMysore University, Mysore18-Mar-201920-Mar-2019Electrochemical studies of NaFePO4 in aqueous sodium ElectrolytesParticipatedDr.H. Manjunatha, Mr. Shiprath
InternationalVIT UniversityVIT University10-Mar-201412-Mar-2014Participated
InternationalVIT UniversityVIT University05-Dec-201307-Dec-2013Investigations on the Reactivity of Hydrazide Based Hypervalent Silicon(IV) Complexes A Comparative StudyParticipatedPothini Suman
InternationalVIT UniversityVIT University05-Dec-201307-Dec-2013Participated
InternationalVIT UniversityVIT University20-Feb-201222-Feb-2012Participated
Name of the awardAwarded byAwarded year
Research Award 2015VIT University2015
Research Award 2014VIT University2014
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Realistic approach to Wear Mechanism and MeasurementsQuality improvement programCambridge Institute of TechnologyCambridge Institute of Technology21-Sep-201923-Sep-2019Participated
Effective Communication SkillsFaculty development programVIT UniversityVIT University23-Apr-201923-Apr-2019Participated
programme on How to write a research paperQuality improvement programEnglish Language InstituteVIT University04-Apr-201916-Apr-2019Participated
Frontier areas in Chemistry and NMRFaculty development programVIT UniversityVIT University05-Mar-201905-Mar-2019Participated
Doing Exploratory Research in TeachingFaculty development programDepatment of English, GITAM University, BengaluruGITAM University02-Feb-201902-Feb-2019Participated
Outcome based Educataion and learner centric approachFaculty development programDepatment of English, GITAM University, BengaluruGITAM University11-Jun-201812-Jun-2018Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Title of the lectureName of the college / universityPlaceDate
Natural Resources and its exploitationKalasalingam(Deemed to be University)Tamil Nadu24-May-2020