M Vinyas

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy, GSP, HYD

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In the realm of modern pharmacology, Dr. Vinyas Mayasa stands as a beacon of expertise, boasting over 15 years of immersive teaching and research experience. Dr. Mayasa's scholarly journey has been defined by a laser focus on three pivotal areas: anti-diabetic interventions, herbal drugs, arthritis treatments, and in-depth investigations into toxicological phenomena. He has 36 publications, 1 book, , 1 patent, and he is guiding many research scholars.

Research Publications
  • SP Nelson VK, Nuli MV, Mastanaiah J, Saleem T. S. M, Birudala G, Jamous YF, Vinyas M et al. Reactive oxygen species mediated apoptotic death of colon cancer cells: therapeutic potential of plant derived alkaloids. Front. Endocrinol., 2023 Jul 25;14:1201198
  • Kalakotla Shanker, G. Krishna Mohan, Vinyas Mayasa, Lakshmi Pravallika. Anti-hyperglycemic and anti-hyperlipidemic effect of biologically synthesized silver nanoparticles and G. sylsvestre extract on streptozotocin induced diabetic rats-an in vivo approach. MaterialsLetters 2017;195, 1-246.
  • Vidhya Rekha Umapathy, Bhuminathan Swamikannu , Sumathi Jones , M Kiran, Tanuja Lella, Vinyas Mayasa. Effects of turmeric (Curcuma longa) on oral health. Bioinformation. 2022:18(6); 538-542.
  • Manisha Rajpurohit, Archana Patil, Vinyas M, Deeparani Urolagin, Mohd Saeed,Irfan AhmadFabrication and characterisation of nabumetone transferosomal gel for effective topical delivery. Journal of Molecular Structure 2024;1312: 138430.
  • Vinod Kumar Nelson, Mohana Vamsi Nuli, Vinyas Mayasa, Mosleh Mohammad Abomughaid, Dietary Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial medicinal Plants and its compounds in Bovine mastitis associated impact on human life: A Comprehensive Review, Microbial Pathogenesis,2024; 106687.
Authored Books
  • Nikunja Basini Pati, VRM Gupta, Swapna Velivela, Vinyas Mayasa Pulsatile Drug Delivery Systems: The Novel Systems. ISBN: 978-1-53615-920-2 (e-book) Nova Science Publishers.
  • Dr. Vinyas Mayasa, Mrs. A Sai Jyothi, Mrs. D. Ramyasree, Mrs. V. Swathi. A Practical guide to Pharmacotherapeutics –III, Etiopathogenesis and Pharmacotherapy of Diseases. Mahi Publication. ISBN: 978-93-94238-87-9.
  • Anti Diabetic Activity, Toxicological studies, Anti arthritic activity, HPLC method development, anti cancer activity, Plant protease inhibitor activties
M Vinyas