MD (Psychiatry)

The Doctor of Medicine in Psychiatry (MD) program is a postgraduate course in the medical field of mental health that lasts for three years and requires applicants to have already completed one of the following undergraduate degrees: MBBS, DMS, BHMS, or BDS.

The student's performance on an appropriate entrance exam that has been organized for admission to the course, such as the National Eligibility Cum entrance test, will determine whether or not they are accepted into the program (NEET).

Topics covered under MD Psychiatry:

  • Neuro-imaging
  • Neurogenetic disorder
  • Neurophysiology and Neuro-chemistry
  • Classification In Psychiatry
  • Neurogenetic disorder

Scope in MD (Psychiatry)

Career opportunities for psychiatrists with a Doctor of Medicine degree can be found in a wide variety of fields, including healthcare settings like hospitals, physician practices, integrative healthcare clinics, public health clinics, college health centers, natural apothecaries, and places that provide care for veterans of the armed forces.

Career Options in MD (Psychiatry)

Opportunities for employment following completion of an MD in Psychiatry program are distributed with the candidates' areas of expertise and levels of specialization in mind. People who have completed their training in MD Psychiatry and are looking for work in the medical field may be eligible for the following top jobs:

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
  • Forensic Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Psychiatrist
  • Staff Psychiatrist
  • Prison Psychiatrist
  • Behavioural Specialist
  • Neuropsychiatrist

Recruitment Focus Areas for Medical Doctors in Psychiatry

The realm of practice for MD Psychiatry encompasses both private and public institutions. In this way, it is possible to say that it provides a wide range of opportunities for MD Psychiatry students. The following are some of the fields that are actively recruiting recent college graduates:

  • Hospitals
  • Physician Practices
  • Integrative Healthcare Clinics
  • Public Health Clinics
  • College Health Centers
  • Natural Apothecaries

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