B.Sc Anesthesia Technology

B.Sc. Anesthesia Technology is a four-year, full-time undergraduate degree programme. Anesthesia Technology is a field of study that focuses on managing and supporting the work done by qualified anesthesia specialists. To enable better patient monitoring, the programme B. Sc. Anesthetic Technology instructs the students about anesthesia equipment, agents, procedures, and dosage. The information students acquire via this programme aids them in selecting the best anesthetic therapy and dose for a patient.

Students will learn a theoretical and practical approach to the topics in this programme. During procedures and surgeries, anesthesiologists are needed.

Scope of B. Sc. Anesthesia Technology

Graduates with a BSc in Anesthesia technology have several professional options. Depending on their degree of expertise, prestigious hospitals and healthcare organizations recruit them for highly compensated positions. Anesthesia Technician, Pediatrician Medical Consultant, Assistant Clinical Associate, Certified and Registered Nurse Anesthetist, and Associate Consultant are a few job choices for an anesthesia technician curriculum. Cardiothoracic anesthetists, general anesthetists, intensive care, neuro anesthetists, pediatric anesthetists, and obstetric anesthetists are among the specialities offered. After earning a degree in anesthetic technology, students may continue their studies by taking M.Sc. in Anesthesia Technology or other specialisation of their choice.

Career options for B. Sc. Anesthesia Technology

An anesthetic is expected to find employment at medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, and research facilities. They can get employment at both private and public hospitals.

 The anesthesiologist's job is crucial during operations and procedures because certain allergic responses may occur when anesthesia is provided to the body, necessitating the services of anesthesiologists. They can also donate their time to work in nearby hospitals and NGOs to earn experience and additional money. A candidate might pursue some career profiles after completing B.Sc. Anesthesia Technology.

  • Anesthesiologist Assistant
  • Anesthesia Technician
  • Partner Consultant

Programme offered at

  • GITAM School of Paramedical Sciences, GIMSR Campus

Duration of the programme

  • 4 Years

Check Eligibility

  • A minimum of 60% aggregate marks in the Intermediate or 12th examination from a recognized central / state board or its equivalent with Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English subjects.

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Curriculum and Syllabus