Campus Life-gitam


Blended learning is a step towards redefining the traditional educational roles to unveil the potential of the new trends. It is a formal education methodology that allows the online delivery of content, allowing the students to take control over the pace and path of learning. By delivering high engagement, blended learning aims to provide effective training across different subjects. This further helps the teachers in understanding the path of learning for students.

Technology adds to it by providing content through simulations, v-labs and videos. It provides an insight into learning with metrics, analytics, and scaling the content.

We at GITAM, emphasize building a collaborative and interactive learning environment for the students. This will help them reap the utmost benefits of the technology. Alongside, we proactively implement and work according to the guidelines from leading universities across the globe.

Benefits for our Faculty

- Knowing the learners personally
- Assessment of student’s ability
- Immediate feedback through the learning process
- Online collaboration for high engagement

Benefits for our Students

- Making an obvious path through guideposts
- Organization of content and peer collaboration
- Promotion of active learning
- Develop learning and set clear expectations