Rotary Evaporator R-100 with Recirculation Chiller and Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

  • Make: BUCHI Switzerland
  • Model: R-100

The R-100 is an effective rotary evaporator which is used forfulfilling the essential needs of economical vacuum evaporation and ensures high product longevity due to high quality material.You can operate the Rotavapor® R-100 easily due to the integrated interface, vacuum pump, and recirculating chiller.

Evaporating flask size: 50 - 4000 mL
Lift mechanism: Manual
Temperature range: 20 - 95 °C
Vacuum connection: Diaphragm Vacuum Pump from Aditya Scientific
Recirculating chiller: From Aditya Scientific
Location: Carbohydrate Research Lab, Department of Chemistry

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