B.Sc. Environmental Science-GITAM

B.Sc Environmental Science

B.Sc. in Environmental Science is a 3-year program that primarily focuses on the environment and a human's relationship with the environment. Under this degree, a person learns about the different policies surrounding the environment, the intricacies of environmental relationships, ecological solutions, pollution and disaster management. A degree program in the area of Environmental Science will cover the following topics:

  • Ecology and the environment
  • Sustainable development
  • The processes of the ecosystem
  • Environmental management
  • Pollution and its effect on climate
  • Data analysis for environmental research

The students pursuing this degree are also given a choice to study the rural environment and agriculture food systems. They have a variety of subjects to choose from as electors, including archaeology, climatology, environmental law, evolutionary biology and a lot more.

Scope of B.Sc. in Environmental Science

There is unlimited scope for the students of environmental science in all areas of Government and private sectors. A lesser-known fact is that all industries, be it construction or entertainment movie projects, need environmental science specialists to approve the project and work on it. The students can work in areas such as urban planning, forestry, waste management, food, film making, pollution control, and much more!

Career options for B.Sc. in Environmental Science

As there is a lot of scope for BSC environmental science, thousands of career options are available for them. From being a forest manager and a forest officer to a marine biologist or a waste utilization officer- the career options are unlimited. Also, if you feel for the environment, you can become an innovator and develop new ideas for a better, more sustainable relationship between humans and the environment. It will not be possible to enlist all of them here, but some of them are:

  • Environment journalist
  • Environmental manager
  • Landscape architect
  • Recycling officer
  • Sustainability consultant

Programme offered at

  • GITAM School of Science,Visakhapatnam Campus

Duration of the programme

  • 3 Years

Check Eligibility

  • A minimum of 50% or 5.0 CGPA (55% in the case of CBSE, ICSE, ISCSE, IGSCE, and IB) in 10+2 examination or equivalent examination in any discipline from a recognized Central / State Board or its equivalent and Qualified in GAT (UG Science) 2023.

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Curriculum and Syllabus