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B.Sc Chemistry

B.Sc. in Chemistry is a 3-year program that aims at providing fundamental knowledge about Chemistry and the principles of Chemistry to a student. There is chemistry in everything around us, and a bachelor of science in chemistry helps us understand the reactions. The substances in a more comprehensive manner. Moreover, the student is also given detailed knowledge about the relationship of chemistry with other subjects like geology, physics, mathematics, medicine, and others. Here are some of the topics that are covered under this programme

  • Inorganic chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • General Chemistry
  • Physical chemistry

The students are also given a chance to select a list of electives they will study in some universities. These selections include application-based chemistry, such as using polymers in everyday life, and methods of chemical analysis that are applied in industrial experiments daily.

Scope of B.Sc. in Chemistry

Chemistry is not just a subject in itself but is a subject that influences a lot of fields. From medicine and drug development to biochemistry, Earth science, industrial processes, and even the food industry is nothing without applying chemistry principles. This gives you enough knowledge to not only work in the field of pure chemistry but also allows you to choose another integrated field and work in a cross-functional atmosphere.

Career options for B.Sc. in Chemistry

Most people who do a in chemistry opt for an MSc in chemistry with any specialization to strengthen their grip on the subject. But even if you do just BSc in chemistry, you get a decent job because of the many available job profiles. Some of the common job profiles that are seen in students who have completed their BSc in Chemistry are:

  • Medical biochemist
  • Chemist
  • Forensic chemist
  • Quality controller
  • Analytical chemist
  • Material technologist

Programme offered at

  • GITAM School of Science, Visakhapatnam Campus
  • GITAM School of Science, Hyderabad Campus
  • GITAM School of Science, Bengaluru Campus

Duration of the Programme

  • 3 Years
  • 4 Years (Honours - 4th year Optional)

Check Eligibility

  • A minimum of 50% or 5.0 CGPA (55% in the case of CBSE, ICSE, ISCSE, IGSCE, and IB) in 10+2 examination or equivalent examination in any discipline from a recognized Central / State Board or its equivalent and Qualified in GAT (UG Science) 2023.

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Curriculum and Syllabus