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We encourage our students to collaborate and engage with campus life through its many clubs, which feature activities from different genres from cultural to recreational to entrepreneurial to scientific and much more.

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BioTech IE (I)

The Special Interest Group to propagate importance of
membership of IFI. Conduct technical
event for effective interaction amongst
the fellow members of the society


The group that is built for all round development of an individual.

Helping Hands GIMSR

The vision of the club is to do social
work to foster optimal health, wellbeing, serve the underprivileged and
to create awareness towards a
healthy society.

The-Finer -Things-Club

The Finer Things Club

The Special Interest Group you should be a part of if you love books, poetry, debates, MUNs and
stories of people, places, cultural and


The mission of Team Novus is to
enhance the technical knowledge of
students by strengthening their roots
in their respective domains.

GITAM Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.



A friendly community for Cyber Security


The Special Interest Group that brings together all the folks who are passionate about Science and Venture Development.


The Special Interest Group founded to promote Free Software and Free
share of knowledge

GITAM Cooking Club

The group that is instituted to bring all the cooking enthusiasts together on an exciting journey into the world of Cooking.

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Special Interest Groups

At GITAM, we believe that every little passion and interest deserves a chance. That is why we encourage students to set up Special Interest Groups that focus on certain activities and/or topics - from photography and writing to Women's leadership.


A friendly community for Cyber Security enthusiasts.

GITAM Book club

A place for people to hangout, relax, and discuss all things bookish

GITAM 360 Project

To create a google street view of the college and conduct activities based on that.

Student internships club

Assisting students in gaining elements and skills that they need for a successful career

GITAM International Students Association (GISA)

To represent GITAM at International level.

Team Novus

The mission of Team Novus is to enhance the technical knowledge of students by strengthening their roots in their respective domains.

GITAM Biotechnology Club

Club that focus on innovative, unified and supportive activities which we are focusing on sustainability and environmental protection.

Aero astro

Learn and study cosmos and rocket science


To bring awareness and sensitivity about the LGBTQ+ community.


Organisation is it inculate the MUN culture into the college and help students with their overall development


To create a inclusive and accepting campus environment.

Anime and manga club

A club whose sole purpose is to discuss, show, promote and enjoy anime to the fullest.

GITAM Writers club (GWC)

To build a healthy environment for creative writers to write, share, discuss , encourage and inspire others.

The Wave

The Wave is intended to create a community of fellow GSHS students and provide them with a space of liberal, democratic values.

Women leaders forum

It is a student organization functioning towards Women empowerment, gender sensitisation and also by  creating a safe space for any human being to express their opinion with the worry of what the outside


Sukha is a student-led body that strives to give mental health the importance it deserves. We're here to provide a space, free of judgment or manipulation to help people learn and grow mentally and emotionally


To create a inclusive and accepting campus environment.


 It is a collaboration of creative minds dedicated to discovering and promoting storytelling in various formats in fields such as the arts, literature, design, and production and raises cultural awareness, and fosters a new perspective on content creation.


Vastranova is a fashion-centric group that desires to expand and explore and experiment with the understanding of fashion and challenge the stereotypical or orthodox senses of fashion

The Debate Society

To organize well-structured debates


photography club of Gitam University


To bring together passionate people on the same platform for collaboration and mutual learning

G-Studio Bengaluru

Photography and media club of GITAM Bangalore

GitHub Community

To learn skills to build and grow technical repertoire with training, mentorship, and support from GitHub Education


Campus Drive of ADP for Batch 2024

Career Fulfillment

Prabha Rajamahanti

Organized By
CGC Visakhapatnam

Shivaji Auditorium - ICT Bhawan

CodeYoung Campus Recruitment Drive

Career Fulfillment

Shushma GB

Organized By
CGC Bengaluru