Animal and Veterinary Care

All animals housed in Animal House, GITAM are provided with quality care and used humanely as per the CPCSEA guideline. We strongly committed to implement 3R’s principle (Reduction, Replacement and Refinement) in best possible ways in using animals for research.

Animals procured from Vendors acclimatized in quarantine room and transferred to housing facility after appropriate examination by attending veterinarian. The animal house is air conditioned, adequately illuminated and protected from external contaminants by regular fumigation process.

At present, the animal house is looked after by three staffs (attending veterinarian, animal house attendant and cleaner). They ensures that all the animal care facilities are in place and provided to the animals such as feeding, watering, cage cleaning, fumigation, feed and bedding material storage, procurement of animals and record keeping. All the activities are supervised by a Scientist In-charge of Animal House.

The health status of the housing animals is regularly monitored by a full time Veterinarian and ensures that they are free from any injury or disease. Veterinary care of post surgical animals is provided in supervision of the Veterinarian. Autopsy of animals are performed by the Veterinarian to investigate the cause of unnatural death of animal(s) and appropriate measures are implemented to prevent it.