Prof.M.S.Prasada Rao, Vice-Chancellor
Prof.K.Siva Rama Krishna, Pro Vice-Chancellor
Visakhapatnam campus
Prof.N.Siva Prasad, Pro Vice-Chancellor
Hyderabad campus
Prof.P.V.Sivapullaiah, Pro Vice-Chancellor
Bengaluru campus
Prof.M.Potharaju, Registrar
Directorate of Admissions
Prof.K.Narendra, Director
Directorate of Academic Affairs
Prof.K.M.Ch.Appa Rao, Director
Directorate of Evaluation
Prof.K.V.Ramesh, Director
Directorate of IQAC
Prof.P.V. Nageswara Rao, Director
Directorate of Student Affairs
Prof.K.Veera Bhadram, Director
Directorate of Human Resources
Mr. S. Samba Murthy, Director
Directorate of UGC Affairs & Research Activities
Prof.Ch.Ramakrishna, Director
Directorate of Center for Learning & Sustainability
Prof.S.S.Prasada Rao, Director
Directorate of Foreign Student Affairs
Mr. K.P.C. Kishan, Director
Consultancy, Projects & Collaborations (C.P.C)
Prof. K.V.G.D.Balaji, Director
Centre for Advanced Technology Solutions(CATS)
Mr.G.Gopala Krishna, Chief Technology Officer
Press & Publications
Mr.P.Subrahmanyam, Deputy Director
Campus office
Mr.M.Rajendra Prasad, Chief Engineer