KarunaKumari K.

KarunaKumari K.

Associate Professor, Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering, GST , VSP

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award
Pattern Optimization of microstrip patch antenna array using Improved Local Search Particle Swarm OptimizationAndhra university2021
B Tech2001


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date
Asst.ProfAvanthi Institute Engineering and Technology24-05-200320-06-2004
Technical AssistantVisakhapatnam Port Trust01-01-199601-01-1997

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Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalECE DepartmentECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM21-Mar-201422-Mar-2014Synthesis of linear array using real coded Genetic AlgorithmParticipatedYasoda
NationalECE Department,KLU VijayawadaKLU, Vijayawada20-Dec-201321-Dec-2013Performance Evaluation of Linear Arrays using Differential Evolution TechniquesParticipatedYasoda
NationalNSTL, VISAKHAPATNAMNSTL, VISAKHAPATNAM06-Jul-201207-Jul-2012Design and Simulation of Circular Micro strip Patch Antenna Array for WiFi ApplicationsParticipatedProf.P.V.Sridevi
NationalECE Department,Andhra UniversityAndhra University ,Visakhapatnam17-Mar-201218-Mar-2012Design of a rectangular microstrip patch antenna parameter for WiFi ApplicationsParticipatedProf.P.V.Sridevi
NationalECE DepartmentECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM09-Jan-201210-Jan-2012High Performance Systolic Montgomery Multiplication Architecture and Implementation On Reconfigurable HardwareParticipatedM.Vamsi Krishna
NationalECE DepartmentECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM09-Jan-201210-Jan-2012Jitter Mitigationin high frequency band pass sampling OFDM systemParticipatedK.Sandeep
NationalECE Department,Anna UniversityAnna University, Coimbatore06-May-201107-May-2011Algorithm for DOA Estimation in a Smart AntennaParticipatedB.Sudheer
NationalECE Department,GIT,GITAMECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM03-Dec-201004-Dec-2010Memory contex adaptive variable length decoderParticipatedM.Praveen Kumar
NationalECE DepartmentECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM03-Dec-201004-Dec-2010Efficient image smoothing and sharpening using adaptive bilateral filterParticipatedAyyappa Harsha
NationalRVR & JC College of Engg. GunturRVR & JC College of Engg. Guntur25-Feb-201026-Feb-2010TARGET TRACKING USING A SET OF RANGEPARAMETERIZED MODIFIEDGAIN EXTENDED KALMAN FILTERS.ParticipatedP.Chandra Sekhar
NationalRVR & JC College of Engg. GunturRVR & JC College of Engg. Guntur25-Feb-201026-Feb-2010Side lobe reduction using Genetic AlgorithmParticipatedP.Chandra Sekhar
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
InternationalECE Department,GIT,GITAMECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM18-Dec-201519-Dec-2015Participated
InternationalECE Department, GMIT ,RAJAMGMRIT Rajam07-Apr-201109-Apr-2011Design and Analysis of a Micro strip Antenna used for Wire less CommunicationsParticipatedProf.P.V.Sridevi
Name of the awardAwarded byAwarded year
Coursera certificate for AI for every one Stanford University2020
Coursera certificate for Wireless communication for every oneYONSEI University2020
Coursera certificate for Introduction to ElectronicsGeorgia Institute of Technology2020
Coursera certificate for Introduction to Satellite communicationsInstitut Mines Telecome IMT2020
Elite Certificate for OpAmp Practical Applications Design, Simulation and ImplementationNPTEL2019
Elite Certificate for the course of Digital CircuitsNPTEL2018
Best paper awardRVRJC College of Engineering2010
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Productivity Tools for Teaching EnhancementFaculty development programDhyanahithaon line20-Apr-202003-May-2020Participated
ISQUARER 2020Quality improvement programECE DEPT.GITAM28-Feb-202029-Feb-2020Organized
RF Antenna Design for EMC ApplicationsFaculty development programE&ICT Academy,NIT WarangalECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM28-Jan-201902-Feb-2019Participated
ISquareR2K18Quality improvement programIETE Student chapter,ECE Department, GITAMShivaji Auditorium16-Feb-201817-Feb-2018Organized
ISquareR2K17Quality improvement programIETE Student chapter,ECE Department,GITAMMother Theresa Auditorium, Gitam University27-Feb-201728-Feb-2017Organized
A Two day Training Programme on Signal Processing and Communication using MATLAB and Related ToolsQuality improvement programGITAMECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM30-Jul-201531-Jul-2015Organized
MATLAB & Simulink for Engineering EducationQuality improvement programMathworks for India pvt.ltdVisakhapatnam26-Feb-201526-Feb-2015Participated
A two day workshop on Advanced Computing using MAT LABTraining of tutorsGITAMECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM25-Feb-201527-Feb-2015Organized
Applications of Nano TechnologyFaculty development programGITAMGIT,GITAM06-Aug-201413-Aug-2014Participated
Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Issues, Concerns& Legal FrameworkQuality improvement programLaw college , GITAMLaw college , GITAM12-Mar-201414-Mar-2014Participated
Optical Fiber Communications and PhotonicsQuality improvement programGITAMECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM22-Feb-201422-Feb-2014Participated
Recent Trends and Applications of Signal Processing and Soft ComputingQuality improvement programGITAMECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM17-Aug-201318-Aug-2013Participated
Dale Carnegie Training by High Impact Teaching SkillsQuality improvement programGITAMGIT,GITAM24-Jan-201226-Jan-2012Participated
Mission 10x workshop on Indian Society for Technical EducationQuality improvement programGITAMGIT,GITAM23-Jan-201228-Jan-2012Participated
Latest technologies in Electronic Communications (WOLTEC11)Quality improvement program MVGR College of Engineering, VizianagaramDept. of ECE, MVGR College of Engineering, Vizianagaram22-Dec-201123-Dec-2011Participated
Microwave Circuit Design using AWR Microwave office softwareTraining of tutorsGITAM &ICON Design and AutomationECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM04-Mar-201105-Mar-2011Participated
MAT lab Expand your HorizonQuality improvement programECE DepartmentECE Dept.,GIT,GITAM29-Jan-201030-Jan-2010Participated
Recent developments in information and communication TechnologiesQuality improvement programECE DepartmentAditya Institute of Technology and Management,Tekkali12-Sep-200813-Sep-2008Participated
Latest technologies in Electronic Communications (WOLTECH08)Quality improvement programMVGR College of Engineering,Vijaya nagaramDept. of ECE, MVGR College of Engineering, Vizianagaram14-Feb-200815-Feb-2008Participated
Workshop on Advances in Sensor and ApplicationsQuality improvement programEIE & ECE DepartmentsGIT,GITAM22-Dec-200623-Dec-2006Participated
Orientation programme for teachersQuality improvement programGITAMGIT,GITAM16-Nov-200618-Nov-2006Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole