Murali Mohan Ch.

Murali Mohan Ch.

Professor, Biotechnology, GST , VSP

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.
Research Areas
  • Secondary metabolites from Plants, Marine bacteria and fungi
  • Fungal and plant based Biopesticides


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award
Ph.D.College of Science and Technology2003
PG Diploma in YogaYoga Village Andhra University1999
Diploma in computer managementdatapro information technology1994
M.Sc.College of Science and Technology1994
B.Sc.Arts and Science College Warangal1990


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date
Assistant Professor and HeadTSR and TBK Degree and PG College01-12-199822-08-2003


Award nameAward OrganizationAwarded year
Best Researcher AwardGandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM)2014
Best Teacher Cash AwardTSR and TBK Degree and PG College Gajuwaka2003

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Title of the projectFunded byDurationSanctioned date
Title of the projectFunded byDurationSanctioned date
Patenting Entomopathogenic fungal formulations (biopesticides) innovated under Phase I of the project and to set up Pilot Production Centre for Biopesticides in GITAM University, Visakhapatnam districtNational Bank for agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD)2402-Jan-2012
Development of biopesticide using entomopathogenic fungal formulations for biological control of agricultural crop pestsNational Bank for agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD)2401-Jan-2010
Title of the bookBook / ChapterName of the publisherSubject areaEditionPage numbersISBNPublished year
Biopolymers for Food Design ConsumerFriendly Natural Ingredients in Hand book of Food Bioengineering,ChaptersElsevierBiotechnology1st1-32. httpsdoi.o2018
Nanofertilizers for Sustainable Soil ManagementChaptersSpringer International Publishing AGMicrobiologyS. Ranjan et al. (eds.), Nanoscience in Food and Agriculture 5, Sustainable Agriculture Reviews267-30710.1007978332017
Radiation induced expression of signaling molecules, Radiation induced expression of signaling molecules in mouse splenocytesBookMunich, GRIN Publishing GmbHBiochemistry1st2098712004
Board nameJournal name
EditorJournal of Applied Microbiological Research
Board nameJournal name
ReviewerJournal of Medical and Biological Research
ReviewerAgricultural Science Research Journal
ReviewerBiocontrol Science and Technology
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalDr VS Krishna Degree college VisakhapatnamDr VS Krishna Govt Degree College30-Mar-201231-Mar-2012Role of Biotechnology & Biopesticides in organic farmingParticipated
NationalDept of Biotechnology, ANITS VisakhapatnamDept of Biotechnology, ANITS Visakhapatnam17-Feb-201218-Feb-2012Chaired a session on Molecular Biology and Genetic EngineeringParticipated
NationalDept of Biotechnology, ANITS VisakhapatnamDept of Biotechnology, ANITS Visakhapatnam28-Dec-201029-Dec-2010Chaired a session on NanotechnologyParticipated
NationalSri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi in association with DRDO New DelhiSri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi27-Feb-200628-Feb-2006Bird Flu pandemic It has not happened yet.. but are we ready for itParticipated
NationalEntomology Research Institute, Lyola College ChennaiEntomology Research Institute, Lyola College Chennai26-Feb-199827-Feb-1998Is resistance involved in the shift of the causative organism in natural epizootic on bollworm from Beauveria bassiana to Nomuraea rileyiParticipated
NationalDept of Biochemistry Osmania University HyderabadDept of Biochemistry Osmania University Hyderabad25-Oct-199626-Oct-1996A rapid method of isolation of DNA from liquid cultures of Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) VuilleminParticipated
NationalDept of Biochemistry Osmania University HyderabadDept of Biochemistry Osmania University Hyderabad25-Oct-199626-Oct-1996Laboratory Bioassays for screening virulent strains of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) VuilleminParticipated
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
InternationalDept of Biotechnology Kakatiya University WarangalKakatiya University Warangal28-Jan-201630-Jan-2016Antioxidant and cytotoxic effect of Beauveria bassiana crude extracts on human lung carcinoma (A549) cell linesParticipated
InternationalGIS GITAM VisakhapatnamGITAM Visakhaptnam14-Dec-201517-Dec-2015Organized
InternationalGIS GITAM VisakhapatnamGITAM Visakhaptnam17-Dec-201019-Dec-2010Organized
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Isolation And Identification of Bioactive Compound From Beauveria bassiana Isolates with focus on Antitumor ActivityMr K Ashok PhanikiranBiotechnology, Biopesticides2013Full timePhD
A Study on Development of Entomopathogenic Fungal Based Biopesticide for Pest Management In Vegetable CropsMr S. Santosh KumarMicrobiology Biopesticides2012Full timePhD
Phytochemical and Ethnopharmacological study of Stachioterpheta urticofolia (Salisb) SimsMs R. SreelathaBiochemistry Medicinal plants2009Full timePhD
Phytochemical and Ethnopharmacological Study of Selected Medicinal Plants from Maredumilli forest, Andhra Pradesh with Special Emphasis on Scolopia crenataP Venkata SmithaBiochemistry Medicinal plants2009Full timePhD
Isolation and characterization of bioactive compound from Pseudomonas florescence MSB6 of Bay of Bengal Sea coast, VisakhapatnamMr. MADG Chandra SekharBiochemistry Marine Microbes2008Part timePhD
Name of the awardAwarded byAwarded year
Best Researcher AwardGITAM University2014
Best Teacher Cash AwardTSR and TBK Degree and PG College2002
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Achieving Academic ExcellenceFaculty development programIndian Institute of Management RaipurIndian Institute of Management Raipur23-Mar-201528-Mar-2015Participated
Emerging fields in biology and biotechnologyTraining of tutorsUGC Sponsored Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. Degree College (Men), SrikakulamDept. of Biotechnology, Govt. Degree College (Men), Srikakulam30-Oct-201431-Oct-2014Participated
Applications of NanotechnologyFaculty development programGIT GITAM VisakhapatnamGIT GITAM Visakhapatnam06-Aug-201413-Aug-2014Participated
Molecular Engineering for functional materialsFaculty development programGIT GITAM VisakhapatnamGITAM Visakhaptnam20-Feb-201420-Feb-2014Participated
Fundamentals of NanotechnologyFaculty development programGIT GITAM VisakhapatnamGIT GITAM Visakhapatnam17-Feb-201421-Feb-2014Participated
Patent AwarenessFaculty development programGIS GITAM VisakhapatnamGITAM Visakhaptnam28-Oct-201328-Oct-2014Participated
Research methods for managementFaculty development programGSIB VisakhapatnamGSIB Visakhapatnam03-Oct-201204-Oct-2012Participated
Instructional Design and DeliveryFaculty development programNational Institute for Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTR)GIT GITAM Visakhapatnam23-Jan-200728-Jan-2007Participated
Emerging Experimental Techniques in Molecular BiologyFaculty development programGIT GITAM VisakhapatnamGIT GITAM Visakhapatnam24-Aug-200626-Aug-2006Participated
Radiochemistry and applications of radioisotopesFaculty development programIndian Association of Nuclear Chemists and allied Sciences (IANCAS) BARC MumbaiGIS Visakhapatnam21-Nov-200529-Nov-2005Participated
Refresher course on plant biotechnologyFaculty development programBiotechnology Division AU sponsored by AP Netherlands Biotechnology ProgrammeDept of Biotechnology Andhra University09-May-200529-May-2005Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Genetics of complex diseases with an emphasis on Type2 Diabetes mellitusFaculty development programAndhra University is association with Andhra Medical College VisakhapatnamAndhra University Visakhapatnam30-Mar-200401-Apr-2004Participated
Organization nameMembership categoryMembership type
Entomological Society of AmericaIndividualMember
Society of Biological Chemists IndiaLifeMember
Indian Science Congress AssociationLifeMember
Title of the lectureName of the college / universityPlaceDate
DNA Micro ArraysAndhra University UGC academic staff college VisakhapatnamAU Staff college Visakhapatnam28-Nov-2007
DNA Finger Printing and its ApplicationsAndhra University UGC academic staff college VisakhapatnamAU Staff college Visakhapatnam27-Nov-2007
DNA Modification EnzymesAndhra University UGC academic staff college VisakhapatnamAU Staff college Visakhapatnam26-Nov-2007
Signal TransductionAndhra University UGC academic staff collegeAU Staff college Visakhapatnam14-Nov-2007
TitleApplication numberCategorySubmitted date
TitleApplication numberCategorySubmitted date
TitleApplication numberCategorySubmitted date