Arif Mohammad A.

Arif Mohammad A.

Associate Professor, Computer Science Engineering, GST , HYD

Ph. D.
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Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award
M Tech2010
Bachelor of Engineering2004


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date
Asst ProfessorGITAM University21-06-201131-05-2012
Associate ProfessorTKRCET28-05-200821-06-2011
Asst ProfessorHITS22-06-200712-05-2008
Asst ProfessorAFSET10-07-200408-07-2007

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Board nameJournal name
Board nameJournal name
IEEE Access Associate EditorIEEE Access
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalJNTU sultanpurJNTU sultanpur24-Jul-201826-Jul-2018A Survey on search over Encrypted Data in CloudParticipatedM. Kiran Sastry, M Balraju, Sudarson Jena
NationalVasavi College of EngineeringVasavi College of Engineering11-Apr-201612-Apr-2016A Survey on McElice Public Key Cryptosystem using Goppa Codes to Implement in CloudParticipatedRaju
NationalVasavi College of EngineeringVasavi College of Engineering11-Apr-201612-Apr-2016A Survey on Eradicate Superfluous in Cloud SystemParticipatedkiran
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
InternationalJaypee University of ITSimla22-Dec-201624-Dec-2016Dual Factor Authentication to procure Cloud ServicesParticipatedM Balraju, Sudarson Jena
InternationalMGITMGIT28-Aug-201529-Aug-2015Cloud in a Secure Share ModeParticipatedM Balraju, Sudarson Jena
InternationalGNITGNIT08-Aug-201409-Aug-2014Preserving Confidentiality and Trust in Cloud DatabaseParticipatedM Balraju, Sudarson Jena
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Big Data Hadoop Eco SystemFaculty development programCMRITHyderabad27-May-202031-May-2020Participated
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningFaculty development programGCETHyderabad25-May-202030-May-2020Participated
Artificial IntelligenceFaculty development programCBITHyderabad22-May-202026-May-2020Participated
Productivity Tools for Teaching EnhancementFaculty development programDhyanahithaHyderabad03-Apr-202016-Apr-2020Participated
Data Science Technology & Next Generation Artificial IntelligenceFaculty development programMJMJ03-Jan-201908-Jan-2019Participated
Applied CryptographyQuality improvement programGITAM VizagGITAM Vizag27-Apr-201802-May-2019Participated
Big Data Analytics & Deep LearningFaculty development programMJMJ03-Jan-201808-Jan-2019Participated
Internet of thingsFaculty development programMGITMGIT17-Oct-201621-Oct-2016Participated
wireless and Optical Communications NetworkQuality improvement programIEEEGITAM Hyderabad21-Jul-201623-Jul-2016Participated
CodeBased CryptoQuality improvement programHyderabad Central UniversityHyderabad Central University28-Sep-201530-Sep-2015Participated
C ProgrammingFaculty development programIIT BombayGITAM Hyderabad16-Jun-201521-Jun-2014Participated
IBM Certification of EnablementQuality improvement programGITAM HyderabadGITAM Hyderabad11-Sep-201411-Sep-2014Participated
Big Data Analytics & Cloud ComputingFaculty development programVNRVJITVNRVJIT04-Sep-201406-Sep-2014Participated
Quality Teaching & ResearchFaculty development programGITAM HyderabadGITAM Hyderabad12-Jun-201414-Jun-2014Participated
Research MethodologyQuality improvement programJNTUHJNTUH16-Dec-201321-Dec-2013Participated
Research MethodologyQuality improvement programGITAM HyderabadGITAM Hyderabad03-Oct-201305-Oct-2013Participated
Database Management SystemsFaculty development programIIT BombayGITAM Hyderabad21-May-201331-May-2013Participated
Wireless Adhoc NetworksFaculty development programGITAM HyderabadGITAM Hyderabad03-May-201304-May-2013Participated
Privacy and Security in Cloud ComputingFaculty development programGITAM HyderabadGITAM Hyderabad22-Mar-201323-Mar-2013Participated
Cloud Computing & FundamentalsQuality improvement programManjra Soft Pty Ltd AustraliaJNTUH11-Dec-201211-Dec-2012Participated
Research Aspects in Information SecurityFaculty development programJNTUHJNTUH06-Dec-201207-Dec-2012Participated
Soft Computing Techniques and Data EngineeringFaculty development programGITAM HyderabadGITAM Hyderabad30-Mar-201230-Mar-2012Participated
Effective Teaching MethodologyFaculty development programGITAM HyderabadGITAM Hyderabad16-Dec-201117-Dec-2011Participated
Data Mining TechniquesQuality improvement programTKRTKR23-Mar-201023-Mar-2010Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Cryptographic Hash and Integrity ProtectionFaculty development programCourseraHyderabad15-Apr-202031-May-2020Participated
Cloud Computing SecurityFaculty development programCourseraHyderabad10-Apr-202006-Jun-2020Participated
Cloud Security BasicsFaculty development programCourseraHyderabad10-Apr-202023-May-2020Participated
Symmetric CryptographyFaculty development programCourseraHyderabad04-Apr-202017-May-2020Participated
Cryptography and Information TheoryFaculty development programCourseraHyderabad01-Apr-202010-May-2020Participated
Cloud Computing BasicsFaculty development programCourseraHyderabad01-Apr-202009-May-2020Participated
Asymmetric Cryptography and Key ManagementFaculty development programCourseraHyderabad01-Apr-202019-May-2020Participated
Organization nameMembership categoryMembership type
International Association of EngineeringIndividualMember
Indian Science Congress AssociationInstitutionalMember