Elluri Venkata Prasad

Assistant Professor, Civil engineering, GST, HYD

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Dr. E V Prasad works in composite structures, Structural dynamics, Finite element methods, and Fiber metal laminates.

Research Publications
  • Prasad, E. V., & Sahu, S. K. (2018). Vibration analysis of woven fiber metal laminated plates—experimental and numerical studies. International journal of structural stability and dynamics, 18(11), 1850144.
  • Prasad, E. V., Sivateja, C., & Sahu, S. K. (2020). Effect of nanoalumina on fatigue characteristics of fiber metal laminates. Polymer Testing, 85, 106441.
  • Prasad, E. V., & Sahu, S. K. (2019). Parametric resonance characteristics of woven fiber metal laminated plates. International Journal of Applied Mechanics, 11(04), 1950034.
  • Prasad, E. V., & Sahu, S. K. (2020). Buckling of fiber metal laminated plates–numerical and experimental studies. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 92(3), 472-481.
  • Varma, B. V., Prasad, E. V., & Singha, S. (2023). Study on predicting compressive strength of concrete using supervised machine learning techniques. Asian Journal of Civil Engineering, 24(7), 2549-2560.
Ongoing Research Projects
  • Application of AI/.ML in Civil Engineering
  • Composite Materials
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Finite Element Method
  • Fiber Metal Laminated Plates
Elluri Venkata Prasad