Ravi Shankar Kumar Ch.

Ravi Shankar Kumar Ch.

Professor, Electronics / Physics, GSS , VSP

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.
Research Areas
  • Condensed matter Physics
  • Materials Science
  • Computational Chemistry and Physics


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award


DesignationOrganizationFrom DateTo Date
LECTURERTJPS COLLEGE21-06-199630-04-1997

Structural Analysis Using XRay Diffraction and FTIR Spectroscopic Studies on Mn2Substituted CaWO4 Materials Synthesized by CoPrecipitation MethodAsian Journal of Chemistry, Scopus, -2020, 32, 49-52

Computational studies of family of Anilines for electro optical propertiesJournal of Physics Conference Series, Scopus, NOV-2020, 1495, 1-8

DFT Studies of Distinct Anilines with pHydroxycinnamic acids for Antioxidant Profile Medicinal Chemistry , Scopus, OCT-2020, 17, 1-10

Charge Transfer Interactions of pAzoxyanisole Complexes for Electrooptical ActivityAsian Journal of Chemistry, Scopus, JUN-2020, 32, 1603-1608

Vibration and FMO Studies of PBA and DBA Liquid Crystals with DFT MethodRussian Journal of Physical Chemistry A , Scopus, DEC-2020, 0, 00-00

Approach of Density Functional Theory to Molecules Using GaussianInternational Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, EBSCO Host, -2019, 15, 1-13

Spectroscopic and FMO Studies of Cholesteryl Stereate Complexes forElectrooptical ActivityPhysical. Chemistry Research, Scopus, -2019, 7, 27-36

Quantum chemical studies of cinnamic acid with anilines for electropticalactivityInfrared Physics & Technology, Scopus, -2018, 92, 304-308

Synthesis and quantum chemical studies of metalloorganics for electrooptical studiesAIP Conference Proceedings, Scopus, -2017, 1859, 020104

confirmational studies with Density Functional Theory with Ethylene Gylcol as IntermediateAsian Journal of Chemistry, Scopus, -2017, 29, 1995-1998

Facile Synthesis, Spectral Studies, Dft Calculations And Biological Activitiesof Novel Ni (Ii), Cu (Ii), And Pd (Ii) Complexes Of Thiadiazole AnalogsInternational Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, EBSCO Host, -2017, 9, 185-192

Statistical Aspects Of Bosons And FermionsInternational Journal of Current Research, Google scholar, -2016, 8, 31652-31660

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Porosity of MetalsAlloysPorous Solids with Design ofAir PycnometerInternational Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Engineering, Google scholar, -2013, 4, 398-405

Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Bovine SerumAlbumin, Characterization and Their BioevaluationIndian Journal of Applied Research, Google scholar, -2013, 3, 1-3

Acoustical and Computational studies on Hydrogen Bonded Binary Mixtures of NN dimethyl acetamide with alcoholsIndian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Scopus, -2013, 51, 406-412

Interpretation of liquid crystalline nature with statistical modeling of FTIR spectraInfrared Physics & Technology, Scopus, -2013, 57, 96-100

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Computational And Dielectric Studies On Binary Mixtures Of Propan2Ol With n Alkyl P Hydroxy BenzoatesInternational Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, Scopus, -2012, 1, 1-6

Image Processing Of Liquid CrystalMesogen Exhibiting Nematic PhaseSignal & Image Processing An International Journal, Citeseer, -2012, 3, 13-21

Implications on Molecular Level Properties ofBenzoic Acids with OrthotoluamideInternational Journal of Applied Physics., EBSCO Host, -2011, 1, 37-39

Influence of Benzoate on Substituent Benzoic Acidswith Implications on Spectroscopic Studies through Inter Molecular Hydrogen BondingMaterial Science and Applications, Web of science, -2011, 2, 503-508

Liquid crystalline G phase of self assembled donoracceptor molecules by intermolecular hydrogen bondingJournal of Non crystalline solids, Scopus, -2011, 357, 1745-1749

Induced crystal G phase of liquid crystalline amide through inter molecularhydrogen bondingJournal of Non crystalline solids, Scopus, -2010, 356, 334-339

Formation Of Crystal G Phase In Hydrogen Bonded Mesogen Constructed By PNAlkyl Benzoic Acids With OrthoToluamideInternational Journal of Modern Physics B, Scopus, -2009, 24, 3187-3194

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Smectic G Phase of Liquid Crystal by InterMoleculaar hydrogen BondingBulletin of Pure and applied Sciences, Google scholar, -2008, 27D, 217-224

Board nameJournal name
Board nameJournal name
CSIROAustralian Journal of Chemistry
Indian Academy of SciencesBulletin of Material Science
Optical Society of AmericaApplied Optics
Science DomainBritish Journal of Applied Science & Technology
Taylor and FrancisSpectroscopy Letters
IK PressJournal of Applied Chemical Science International
IK PressJournal of Applied Physical Science International
ElsevierPhysics Letters A
ElsevierMaterials Chemistry and Physics
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalDepartment of PhysicsIITDHANBAD07-Dec-201609-Dec-2016Synthesis and Computational studies of liquid crystal with nanoparticlesParticipatedAnjali Jha
NationalDIT UniversityDehradun21-Dec-201523-Dec-2015Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Anilines with Cinnamic acids for AnisotropyParticipatedDeepthi.S
NationalVSSD KanpurKanpur10-Nov-201412-Nov-2014Molecular Structure, Electrical and Spectral Studies of Nano Doped Liquid CrystalParticipatedDeepthi.S
NationalVSSD KanpurKanpur10-Nov-201412-Nov-2014Functionality and Characterization of conjugated Liquid crystal nano particleParticipated
NationalDepartment of Physics Govt CollegeOoty12-Sep-201214-Sep-2012Molecular Dynamics of Liquid Crystals arising from orientational orderParticipatedDeepthi.S
NationalGITAM UniversityGITAM UNIVERSITY14-Nov-201116-Nov-2011. Molecular Model of Liquid crystal in relation to its Molecular StructureParticipatedDeepthi.S
NationalGITAM UniversityGITAM UNIVERSITY14-Nov-201116-Nov-2016Design of Simple Air Pycnometer for determination of Density of Metals Alloys Porous SolidsParticipated
NationalPR Govt CollegeKakinada05-Jan-201106-Jan-2011Statistical Modeling Strategy with FTIR Spectra of pn Alkyl Benzoic acidsParticipatedP.Harikrishna
NationalDepartment of ChemistryGITAM UNIVERSITY29-Nov-201030-Nov-2010Computation Methods on FTIR Spectra for ParamorphosisParticipated
NationalDepartment of Physics SKBR CollegeAmalapuram09-Jan-201010-Jan-2010Influence of Fe3O4 nano particles on textural and transition properties of EBCA liquid crystalParticipated
NationalDepartment of Physics,SKBR CollegeAmalapuram09-Jan-201010-Jan-2010Investigations on mesogenic pdecyl benzoic acid otoulamideParticipated
NationalDepartment of Chemistry,IISCBangalore13-Oct-200815-Oct-2008Inducement of Smectic A phase through Inter molecular Hydrogenbonding part XXVII Influence of p(pOctyloxy Benzylidene)CyanoAniline(OBCA) on p n Alkoxy Benzoic Acids of thermal and phase behaviorParticipated
NationalDepartment of Chemistry,IISCBangalore13-Oct-200815-Oct-2008Impact of HexylpHydroxy Benzoate on Alkyl and Alkoxy Benzoic Acids in formation of Crystal G PhaseParticipated
NationalDepartment of Physics, Pondycherry UniversityPondycherry University19-Mar-200820-Mar-2008Smectic G phase Influence of Hydrogen bonding with carboxylic acids on orthotoluamide Thermal and Phase behaviorParticipated
NationalDepartment of Physics,Ambedkar CollegeNagpur28-Jan-200829-Jan-2008Thermal and Phase Behaviour of Cinnamamide pn alkoxy benzoic acidsParticipated
NationalDepartment of Physics,Ambedkar CollegeNagpur28-Jan-200829-Jan-2008Induced Smectic G Phase through Inter Molecular Hydrogen bonding Influence of Alkoxy chain length on hexyl phydroxy benzoates Thermal and Phase behaviorParticipated
NationalDepartment of Physics,NIT WarangalWarangal09-Jul-199911-Jul-1999Relevance of Physics in EngineeringParticipated
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
InternationalSRKR Engineering CollegeSRKR Engineering College Bhimavaram24-Jan-201825-Jan-2018ParticipationParticipated
InternationalDepartment of Electronics and PhysicsGITAM UNIVERSITY13-Oct-201714-Oct-2017Organizing SecretaryOrganized
InternationalRamachandra College of Engineering, Eluru, AndhraPradesh.Ramachandra College of Engineering07-Apr-201708-Apr-2017Synthesis and Quantum Chemical Studies of Metalloorganics For ElectroOptical StudiesParticipatedDeepthi.S
InternationalDepartment of ChemistryGITAM UNIVERSITY14-Dec-201517-Dec-2015Prophecy of Anisotropic materials with nano ParticlesParticipatedDeepthi.S
InternationalDepartment of ChemistryGITAM UNIVERSITY14-Dec-201517-Dec-2015Biomimetic Synthesis of Silver nanoparticles and Evaluation of their Antimicrobial effectsParticipatedDeepthi.S
InternationalSri SatyaSai Institute of Higher Education and LearningSri SatyaSai Institute of Higher Education and Learning20-Dec-201422-Dec-2014Conformational and Computational Studies of Nano doped MaterialsParticipated
InternationalDepartment of Physics BHUBanaras Hindu University04-Nov-201209-Nov-2012Nano Particles Synthesised With Biological Molecules for Anti Bacterial ActivityParticipatedAnjali Jha
InternationalDepartment of Computer ScienceGodavari Institute of Engineering and Technology.30-Mar-201231-Mar-2012On line temperature Monitoring SystemParticipated
InternationalDepartment of PhysicsPSG College of Technology12-Dec-201116-Dec-2011Dielectric and thermodynamic studies on polar binary mixture of propan1ol and methyl benzoateParticipated
InternationalUniversity of Petroleum and Energy Studies DehradunUniversity of Petroleum and Energy Studies Dehradun14-Jun-201116-Jun-2016Molecular Interaction Study of Liquid Crystals exhibiting Nematic PhaseParticipatedDeepthi.S
InternationalILCC POLANDKracow Poland11-Jul-201016-Jul-2010Induced Smectic G phase through Intermolecular Hydrogen BondingPart XX.Influence of 9HB on thermal and phase behavior of Hydrogen Bonded MesogensParticipated
InternationalRaghu Engineering College, AndhraUniversityRaghu Engineering College20-Jan-201021-Jan-2010Computational analysis of Vibrational spectra of BioMolecules by an Algebraic techniquesParticipated
InternationalRaghu Engineering College, AndhraUniversityRaghu Engineering College20-Jan-201021-Jan-2010Optical and Thermo dynamical properties of Liquid crystal Sample exhibiting crystal G phase,Participated
InternationalICEP JaipurJaipur12-Oct-200817-Oct-2008Inducement of Smectic G phase through Inter Molecular hydrogen bonding in Liquid Crystal XXIII Influence of Nonylphydroxy benzoate on pnalkoxy benzoic acids Thermal and Phase behaviorParticipated
InternationalILCCKOREA29-Jun-200804-Jul-2008Induced Smectic G phase by Inter Molecular Hydrogen bonding Thermal and phase behavior of hexyl phydroxybenzoate pnAlkyl benzoic acidsParticipated
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Preparation and Characterization of Enantiotrpic Liquid Crystals for Electrooptical ActivityM.PrasanthiGITAM University VisakhapatnamCondensed Matter Physics2019Full timePhD
Computational studies of macromolecules for Biological ActivityP.RaghuramGITAM University VisakhapatnamCondensed Matter Physics2014Part timePhD
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Satellite Measurements of UV Index, Column Ozone for Selected Indian Stations and Biological Responses to variability in column ozone at Visakhapatnam (17.70 N, 83.30 E)S.D.L.K Prasad.KElectronics and Physics2011Part timePhD
Synthesis, Spectroscopic studies and Quantum Chemical Calculations of small molecules for electro optical activityS.DeepthiPhysics2011Part timePhD
Name of the awardAwarded byAwarded year
ISCA MEMBERIndian Science Congress Association2016
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
3 Day National Workshop on Advanced Techniques Related to Analytical, Molecular, Material Testing and Statistical ToolsQuality improvement programDSTAndhra University27-Mar-201829-Mar-2018Participated
One day National Workshop on ESR SpectrometerQuality improvement programDSTAndhra University07-Apr-201707-Apr-2017Participated
Two day National Workshop on Thin Film Coatings & Nano ElectronicsQuality improvement programTEQIP Center for nano Science and Technology ,CoEAndhra University24-Jan-201725-Jan-2017Participated
UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Recent Trends in Nanoscience and TechnologyQuality improvement programDepartment of PhysicsM R College26-Nov-201627-Nov-2016Participated
Sensitisation of Best Practices and Success Stories on R.T.I Act 2005Training of tutorsA.P. Human Resource Development InstituteZill Parishad Conference Hall,Visakhapatnam26-Aug-201627-Aug-2016Participated
Latest Trends In Thin Films Technologies 2016(TFT2016)Quality improvement programCentre for Nano technology,Andhra University VisakhapatnamAndhra University29-Mar-201629-Mar-2016Participated
Applications of NanotechnologyQuality improvement programDept. of Mechanical EngineeringGITAM UNIVERSITY06-Aug-201413-Aug-2014Participated
Fundamentals of NanotechnologyQuality improvement programDept. of Mechanical EngineeringGITAM UNIVERSITY17-Feb-201421-Feb-2014Participated
Course on Vacuum Science ,Technology and ApplicationsTraining of tutorsDepartment of Electronics and Physics,GIS GITAMGITAM UNIVERSITY24-Sep-201327-Sep-2013Participated
Access to E ResourcesTraining of tutors GITAM UniversityGITAM UNIVERSITY08-Dec-201208-Dec-2012Participated
UGC DAE Consortium for Scientific ResearchQuality improvement programDepartment of Electronics and Physics,GIS GITAMGITAM UNIVERSITY26-Jun-201227-Jun-2012Participated
National seminar on Peaceful applications of Atomic EnergyTraining of tutorsDepartment of Electronics and Physics,GIS GITAMGITAM UNIVERSITY22-Feb-201223-Feb-2012Participated
National seminar on Peaceful applications of Atomic EnergyTraining of tutorsGIS and Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (I SERVE)GITAM UNIVERSITY14-Sep-201115-Sep-2011Participated
National workshop on Embedded SystemsTraining of tutorsDepartment of Electronics and Physics,GIS GITAMGITAM UNIVERSITY24-Jul-201025-Jul-2010Participated
One day work shop on Embedded SystemsTraining of tutorsDepartment of Physics,GVP Degree CollegeGVP Degree College13-Feb-201013-Feb-2010Participated
Communications Theory and SystemsTraining of tutorsUniversity Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC) & Department of System DesignAndhra University25-Aug-200827-Aug-2008Participated
Mixed Signal Processing and Recent Advances in Electronics,Training of tutorsUniversity Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC) & Department of System DesignAndhra University21-Dec-200621-Dec-2006Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Organization nameMembership categoryMembership type
Indian Science Congress AssociationIndividualInstitutional member
Title of the lectureName of the college / universityPlaceDate