Ch. Ravi Shankar Kumar

Associate Professor, Physics, GSS, VSP | |

I had more than 25 years of experience in teaching, an active member contributing to department guided three Ph.D students. I had widened my research in condensed matter physics with electronic structure calculations and electrooptical properties of molecules . My main research interest with technological intervention is to develop material suitable for electronic applications and energy storage devices.

Research Publications
  • 5.Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties of Synthesized Schiff base Compounds-Validation with Computational Method,M.Prasanti ,Anjalijha , B.Rajesh Kumar and Ch. Ravi Shankar kumar, Physica Scripta,99(2).25932,2024
  • 4.Liquid crystalline naphthyl derivatives with bromoalkoxy tail: Photophysical behavior and DFT studies,AK. Prajapati,Mahima Rabari , Ravi Shankar Kumar CH ,Journal of Molecular structure,1293(136252),2023
  • 3.Single crystal XRD, Hirshfeld surfaces, 3D energy framework calculations and DFT studies of 4,5-diphenyl-1,3,4-thiadiazolium-2-thiolate: a mesoionic compound,T.Vishwanatha .A.Ashish, Ch. RaviShankar Kumar, K.D.Amar,Journal of Molecular Structure,1233(13329)2022
  • 2.Electronic properties of Aldehyde complexes using DFT for Electrooptical activity,Ch. Ravi Shankar kumar,M.Prasanti and Anjali jha,Material Science Forum,1048(212),2022
  • 1.Vibration and FMO Studies of PBA and DBA Liquid Crystals with DFT Method,Ch.Ravi Shankar Kumar and Anjali Jha,Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A,95(2),349(2021)
  • 1.Green synthesis of Metal organic Frame works 2.Spectroscopic studies,3.Computational studies 4.Electrooptical properties,5.Nonlinear Phenomenaena
Dr.Ch. Ravi Shankar Kumar