Himavathi G.

Himavathi G.

Assistant Professor, Chemistry, GSS , VSP

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.


Degree Name Institute & College name Year of Graduation/Award
M Sc 1995
St Joseph College for women B Sc 1991


Designation Organization From Date To Date
Teaching Associate A.U. College of Engineering 19-05-2005 30-06-2006
Lecturer TSR& TBK CollegeDegree& PG College 05-07-2002 30-07-2005
Teaching Assistant College of Science,Andhra University 15-07-2001 30-06-2002

Structural, magnetic and electrical properties of Ni0.65Zn0.35xCuxFe2O4 nano ferrite systemJournal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism , Scopus, -2015, 28, 2801-2807

Study on Bioallergens in Selected Areas of VisakhapatnamAsian journal of chemistry, Google scholar, -2012, 24, 5561-5563

Estimation of drotaverine in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations by precipitation agents.The Asian Journal of Experimntal chemistry, Google scholar, -2012, 7, 77-79

Study of fungal flora in market areas of visakhapatnamIndian journal of environmental sciences, Google scholar, -2012, 16, 119-122

Xray and Infra red analysis of Niobium substituted copper ferriteBio nano frontier, Others, -2011, Special, 4-6

Comparative study of Tetra and Pentavalent ions influence on transpose properties of Copper Ferritesproceedings of International Conference on Ferrites (ICF9), Scopus, -2004, (ICF9), 347-352

Title of the project Funded by Duration Sanctioned date
Title of the project Funded by Duration Sanctioned date
Adsorption of the rare earth ions using metal oxide nano particles. UGC 36 01-Apr-2014
Synthesis and Study of electrical and magnetic properties of ferrites for memory and sensor applications UGC 42 01-Apr-2013
Seminar name Organized by Venue Start date End date Title of the paper presented Role Co presenter
National APTDSConfederation of Indin Industry Hyd & GU GIT 31-Jan-2018 31-Jan-2018 Participated
National Dept of Metallurgical eng& Materal Science IIt bombay 13-May-2014 14-May-2014 Structuraland Electrical properties ofCoppr doped NIckel Zic nano Ferrites Participated D.Rameh
National Royal Society of Chemistry London DS Sidhardha Acdemy Vijayawada 06-Jul-2013 06-Jul-2013 Participated
National Dept of Inorganic & Analyticl chemistry AU Andhra University 28-Jun-2013 29-Jun-2013 Participated
National Gitam University GIT 27-Dec-2012 29-Dec-2012 Organized
National Dept of chemistry.GIT GIT 07-Sep-2012 08-Sep-2012 Estimation of Drotaverine in Bulkand Pharmaceutical Formulation by Precipitation reagents. Participated no
National International Society of Science&Technology Mumbai Dr R.G.Rathod Arts and Science college ,Maharastra 03-Dec-2011 04-Dec-2011 Participated
National Dept of Physics Government college Rajahmundry 24-Nov-2011 25-Nov-2011 Infra red spectral studies of Higher valent cation substituted copper ferrite Participated no
National Gitam&AP Academy of Science GIT 14-Nov-2011 16-Nov-2011 Influence of High Valence cations on magnetic and m icro structural properties of copper ferrite Participated
National Krishna University Vijayawada. Krishna University 30-Jan-2011 31-Jan-2011 Participated
National Maharaja P.G.College VZMand Dept of atomic Energy Govt of India Maharaja P.G. college VZM 30-Jan-2011 30-Jan-2011 Participated
National Maharaja P.G.College VZM Maharaja P.G. college VZM 31-Jan-2010 31-Jan-2010 Participated
National Dept of Physics & Electronics S.K.B.R.College Amalapuram 09-Jan-2010 10-Jan-2010 Participated
National Dept of Phsics PG Center Nuzvid Acharya Nagarjuna University 01-Feb-2007 03-Feb-2007 Influence of High Valence cations on magnetic and micro structural properties of copper ferrite Participated
National Acharya Nagarjuna University Nuzvid P.G.centre 01-Feb-2007 03-Feb-2007 Influence of High Valence cations on magnetic and micro structural properties of copper ferrite Participated no
National The Indian Science Congress Acharya N.G.Ranga Agricultural University 03-Jan-2006 07-Jan-2006 Participated
National Chemical engg dept, A.U. Andhra University 31-Dec-2005 31-Dec-2005 Participated
Seminar name Organized by Venue Start date End date Title of the paper presented Role Co presenter
International Dept of Biotech social work, org chem BSH. Dr.B.R. Ambedkar University 23-Feb-2019 24-Feb-2019 Analysis of Physico chemical properties and biological parameters of ground water samples of in and around Sewage Treatment PlantVisakhapatnam Participated Dr kiranmai
International APAS& Dept of Chem,Physics P.B.Siddhardha college 18-Dec-2018 18-Dec-2018 Participated
International A.U.college of Science Andhra University Platinum Jublee hll 03-Mar-2017 04-Mar-2017 Participated
International A.U.college of engg Andhra University College of engg, 30-Jun-2014 01-Jul-2014 Participated no
International Sanketika Vidya Parishad Sanketika Engg college 13-Jul-2013 14-Jul-2013 Participated
International ICGCS Udaipur 03-Mar-2012 04-Mar-2012 Participated
International Dept of Zoology & Aqua culture Acharya Nagarjuna University 12-Feb-2011 14-Feb-2011 Participated
International ICF9 Snnfrancisco,California 04-Aug-2004 08-Aug-2004 Comparitive study of tetra and penta valent ions influence on transpose properties of copper ferrites Participated durga prasad
Title Type Organized by Venue Start date End date Role
Wellbeingof Women at work for the women faculty of Gitam Quality improvement program Gitam Centre for Learning 28-Dec-2018 28-Dec-2018 Participated
Advanced Materials and Applications Quality improvement program dept of Electronics &Physics GIT 13-Oct-2017 14-Oct-2017 Participated
Recent Trends in Science&Nano science &Nano technology (RTMSNN2017) materials Quality improvement program Dept of chemistry&SERB New Delhi A.G &.S.G.Siddhardha Degree college of Arts&Science 03-Jan-2017 04-Jan-2017 Participated
dvances inSolar Cells and Light Emitting Devices Faculty development program Gitam GIT, Dept of Chemistry 21-Dec-2014 21-Dec-2014 Participated
Advanced Characterisation Techniques Quality improvement program IIT Mumbai Dept of Metallurgucal engg Material Science IIT Mumbai 12-May-2014 12-May-2014 Participated
Surface Energy & Nano technology for Advanced Materials (SENAM) Quality improvement program GITAM Dept of Chem ,GIT 22-Mar-2014 22-Mar-2014 Participated
Modern Analytical Techniques for Industry & Environment Quality improvement program GMRIT Rajam Srikakulam GMRIT Rajam 02-Mar-2012 03-Mar-2012 Participated
Current trends in Nano Science and Technology Quality improvement program Science Academies N.I.T. Warangal 23-Dec-2011 24-Dec-2011 Participated
Work shop on X Ray Diffraction Under DST PURSE Programme Training of tutors Andhra University College of Science Advanced Analytical Laboratory Andhra University 29-Nov-2011 29-Nov-2011 Participated
All India Refresher course in Experimental chemistry Faculty development program INSA,IASc,NASI Central University 05-Sep-2009 20-Sep-2009 Participated
Climate Change workshop cum exhibition Quality improvement program gitam and Ministry of envt&Forest (MOEF) dept of environmental studies 19-Mar-2009 19-Mar-2009 Participated
Prospects of Medicinal& Aromatic Plants in Northern A.P. Faculty development program RDC Cell Dept of Chemical Engg, MVGR,VZM MVGR College of Engg 03-Mar-2007 03-Mar-2007 Participated
Orientation programme for newly recruited faculty in Gitam Faculty development program Gitam Gitam college of Engg 15-Dec-2006 20-Dec-2006 Participated
Greater Visakhapatnam Environmental Concerns Faculty development program A.U.college of engg Andhra University College of engg,Civil engg dept 30-Jun-2006 30-Jun-2006 Participated
Orientation for Teaching associates Faculty development program A.U College of Engg Andhra University 07-Dec-2005 09-Dec-2005 Participated
Title Type Organized by Venue Start date End date Role
Quality Research Writing&Research Impact Measures Faculty development program Gitam&KRC GIT&KRC 04-Jan-2016 04-Jan-2016 Participated
Organization name Membership category Membership type
Indian association of chemistry teachers Life Member
materials research societyof India Life Member