Kiranmayi P.

Kiranmayi P.

Associate Professor,HOD, Biotechnology, GSS , VSP

Ph. D.
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Ph. D.


Degree NameInstitute & College nameYear of Graduation/Award
Ph.DOsmania University2008
Advanced DiplomaPGRRCDE2002
M.ScGITAM College2001
B.ScMrs AVN College1998


Award nameAward OrganizationAwarded year
Qualified Joint CSIR UGC NETCSIR2000

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Title of the projectFunded byDurationSanctioned date
Title of the projectFunded byDurationSanctioned date
Role of junk DNA in gene silencing mechanisms in Neurospora crassaUGC MRP3622-Mar-2013
Deciphering the role of zinc transporter in conidiation processDST3618-Dec-2012
Title of the bookBook / ChapterName of the publisherSubject areaEditionPage numbersISBNPublished year
A theranostic and Precision medicine approach in female specific cancersChaptersElsevierNanotechnology advances in breast cancer1st271-28797801282200922020
Nanotechnology advances in ovarian cancerChaptersElsevierCancer Biology1st105-12897801282200922020
Biometals Molecular structures, Binding properties and applicationsChaptersNova Science publishersBiometals1st1-2797816087685232009
Search for new genesChaptersAcademic foundationsearching new genes1st231-24381718863292006
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
NationalIndian Immunology Society and GITAMGITAM16-Feb-201718-Feb-2017Participated
NationalAp Akademi of SciencesVijayawada07-Nov-201609-Nov-2016Ionizing Radiation induces proliferation of human dermal fibroblastsParticipatedDr.Rama Rao M
NationalDepartment of Biochemistry & Bioinformatics, GISGITAM27-Mar-201528-Mar-2015Participated
NationalSt. Josephs College for womenSt.Josephs Coleege24-Jul-201425-Jul-2014Evaluating the role of trypsin inhibitor against larval gut proteases an insilico approachParticipatedDr. K Vijay Rachel
NationalDepartment of Biotechnology, GIS, GITAMGITAM14-Dec-201215-Dec-2012Participated
NationalDepartment of Environmental Studies, GITAMGITAM17-Mar-201218-Mar-2012Influence of climate change on the incidence of urolithiasisParticipated
NationalDepartment of atomic energyGITAM22-Feb-201223-Feb-2012Participated
NationalInstitute on Scientific Research on vedasGITAM14-Sep-201115-Sep-2011Participated
NationalDepartment of MB and FSTGITAM23-Feb-201023-Feb-2010Participated
NationalDepartment of Biochemistry & Bioinformatics, GISGITAM21-Jan-201021-Jan-2010Participated
NationalDepartment of Biotechnology, GIS, GITAMGITAM11-Dec-200912-Dec-2009Participated
NationalDepartment of MB and FSTGITAM03-Sep-200904-Sep-2009Participated
NationalAP Akademi of Sciences and Osmania UniversityOsmania University14-Nov-200816-Nov-2008Role of high affinity zinc transporter in metal homeostasis of Neurospora crassaParticipated
NationalAssociation of Microbiologists of India and Department of Microbiology, Osmania universityOsmania University08-Dec-200510-Dec-2005Metal transportome of Neurospora crassaParticipated
NationalSBCCDRI, Lucknow07-Nov-200510-Nov-2005Participated
NationalOsmania UniversityOsmania University30-Dec-200131-Dec-2001Participated
Seminar nameOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateTitle of the paper presentedRoleCo presenter
InternationalSciGenome Research Foundation in collaboration with Toronto Recombinant Antibody Centre (TRAC), Toronto, Canada, TIFR & ACTREC Mumbai, IITM Chennai and Maharaja Sayajirao University, BarodaTaj LandsEnd, Mumbai30-Sep-201902-Oct-2019Genomewide landscaping of repetitive elements in the genome of Neurospora crassaParticipated
InternationalAndhra UniversityAndhra University13-Jul-201915-Jul-2019Comparative analysis of transition metal ion transport in various strains of Staphylococcus aureus inParticipated
InternationalDepartment of Geography, Andhra UniversityAndhra University23-Jun-201324-Jun-2013Climate Change and Chronic Kidney DiseaseParticipated
InternationalIISc BangaloreIISc Bangalore08-Jan-201311-Jan-2013Participated
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Comparative analysis of metal transport in Aspergillus speciesB Sudha RaniGITAMBiotechnology2019Part timePhD
Metal phytoremediation of industrially polluted land by Catharantus roseusSoumya VishwasGITAMBiotechnologyFull timePhD
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Title of the thesisName of the studentName of the college / universityMajor subject areaYear of admissionType of admissionThesis specification
Screening of Potential Therapeutic Candidates and Evaluation of Novel Inhibitor Against Super Bug Staphylococcus aureusKunal ZaveriBioinformatics2013Full time
Deciphering the role of membrane located high affinity zinc transporter (tzn1) in conidiation process of Neurospora crassaP V Divya RupaBiochemistry2013Full time
Monocrotaline tagged superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for sitespecific targeting against Hepatocellular CarcinomaK Sandeep SolmonBioinformatics2010Part time
Study of Atheroma, Non Atheroma Risk factors and Importance of Mayo Clinic Quadratic Equation in Chronic Kidney DiseaseDSSK rajuBiochemistry2010Part time
Name of the awardAwarded byAwarded year
Editorial BoardAnnals of Mutagenesis2017
ReviewerBritish Journal of medicine and medical research2016
Editorial BoardAmerican Journal of Bochemistry2015
Editorial BoardAmerican Journal of Bioinformatics Research2015
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Intellectual Property Rights Patents Inventions Procedure, Practice and ProtectionQuality improvement programGVP CollegeGVP College13-Mar-201914-Mar-2019Participated
DST Inspire science campTraining of tutorsDST INSPIRE and GIS BiotechnologyGITAM12-Dec-201816-Dec-2018Organized
Recent advances in diagnostic and therapeutics in infectious diseasesQuality improvement programDepartment of Biotechnology, GIS, GITAMGITAM23-Nov-201824-Nov-2018Participated
IP AwakeTraining of tutorsAPTDC and GITAMGITAM31-Jan-201831-Jan-2018Participated
Molecular TechniquesQuality improvement programDepartment of Biotechnology, GIS, GITAMGITAM07-Jan-201608-Jan-2016Participated
Science Academies lecture workshop on Advances in molecular techniquesQuality improvement programDepartment of Biotechnology, GIS, GITAMGITAM27-Nov-201528-Nov-2015Participated
one day user awareness programme on shodhganga and antiplagiarism software iThenticateQuality improvement programGITAMGITAM23-Mar-201523-Mar-2015Participated
DELNETQuality improvement programDelnet New DelhiGITAM17-Sep-201417-Sep-2014Participated
Sexual harassment of women at work placeTraining of tutorsSchool of law GITAMGITAM12-Mar-201412-Mar-2014Participated
Patent AwarenessQuality improvement programDSTGITAM28-Oct-201328-Oct-2013Participated
Course on vacuum science technology and applicationsQuality improvement programIndian Vacuum societyGITAM24-Sep-201327-Sep-2013Participated
Recent advances in Computational biology and CADDQuality improvement programSchrodinger BangaloreIISc Bangalore12-Jan-201312-Jan-2013Participated
X Ray Powder DiffractionQuality improvement programDepartment of ChemistryGITAM28-Nov-201128-Nov-2011Participated
Climate Change Challenges and future prospectsTraining of tutorsDepartment of Environmental Studies, GITAMGITAM09-Feb-201009-Feb-2010Participated
Environmental Pollution and its impact on climate changeQuality improvement programAP Pollution Control BoardGITAM03-Dec-200903-Dec-2009Participated
Instructional design and Delivery systemQuality improvement programNITTTR, ChennaiGITAM01-May-200906-May-2009Participated
Climate changeQuality improvement programMoEF New DelhiGITAM19-Mar-200919-Mar-2009Participated
Recent Advances in Genomics and ProteomicsQuality improvement programDepartment of Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Microbiology, GIS, GITAMGITAM14-Feb-200914-Feb-2009Participated
Advanced Workshop on Scientific Writing and CommunicationQuality improvement programOsmania UniversityOsmania University06-Dec-200707-Dec-2007Participated
Radiochemistry and Applications of RadioisotopesQuality improvement programIANCAS MumbaiOsmania University04-Dec-200611-Dec-2006Participated
TitleTypeOrganized byVenueStart dateEnd dateRole
Safeguarding dual use chemicals The application vulnerability assessment tools and risk based security enhancementsQuality improvement programCSIR IICT, GITAM, PNNL USAGITAM20-Jul-201821-Jul-2018Participated
Organization nameMembership categoryMembership type
Society of Biological ChemistsLifeMember
Indian Science Congress AssociationLifeMember